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Hathway broadband issues, blaming customers

I am a customer of #Hathway Broadband. They don’t no how to solve their technical issues & I have been facing this internet issues since last 4-5 months. I have called them n number of times but then there is no solution every time they said it’s technical issue it ll solve by next day morning but automatically next 15min it’s work normally so that’s not technically issues it’s cheating to the people. Every month minimum 40-50 times they r telling technical issue technical issue if u have technical issue then y u charging same amount every month. I am so fed of this now, they dont even pay any heed to it. They charge so high per month for the internet and the service is 3rd Class infact worst.

Anand Gorasa
Kundanbagh, Hyderabad 500016, Telangana
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com

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