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Hathway taken money but not providing service

I have taken hathway connection on quarterly basis(2250/3 months). My last renewal date was 25th May and next renewal date is 25th Aug!! While taking the connection I made sure that they shift the connection if I shift my flat. I shifted my flat 16 days back and I am not able to use Hathway connection from 20th July!! That has made me lose my 750/- for this July-Aug. Their customer care and technicians are so irresponsible that they don’t even bother to contact me for shifting. Just now I got a call from +91 95735 48800 (a technician) and he said that the shifting cant be done because of some technical thing and I can only use internet if I take a new connection!!

Hathway Broadband its none of my business if you face some technical issue!! I have made my payment in advance and I demand my 750/- as refund as I am not able to use Hathway from 20th July and I have no plan to use such “useless” connection !!

Ruhi Raj
Hemagiri, Hyderabad 500089, Telangana
Email: rxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

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