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Hotel charging more than MRP for kinley water

I had been to Deena Restaurant & Banquet Ahmedabad, for a dinner with my family on 07.05.2017, wherein I had ordered along with prepared meals, 05 bottles of Kinley bottled mineral water, which had a printed MRP of Rs. 20/- on every bottle.

After the dinner, I received a Retail Invoice No. 4516 dated 07.05.2017 (for Table 1), wherein the restaurant had charged me Rs. 45/- per bottle of mineral water. When I tried to reason with them that as per recent court orders and orders of consumer forum, they cannot charge me over and above the MRP, they told me that is the industry practice and they are doing what every other hotelier / restaurant is doing. Further, I have observed that they mention the amount of Service Tax in the Retail Invoice, however, they do not disclose the rate of Service Tax being charged.

It is requested to kindly take up the matter with Deeana Restaurant, Ahmedabad for refund of amount charged from me over and above MRP. Further, they may also be penalized for violation of law.

21/05/2017 / 10:09 am


    • ICF on 21/05/2017 at 8:20 pm

    You may please submit a complaint to the office of legal metrology together with the copy of the bill.

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