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How to set New Tab in Microsoft Edge to produce Google results

I have been using Microsoft Edge for quite sometime now as an alternative to Google Chrome. As everyone knows, Google Chrome is the king of browsers and it is the browser de facto for most internet users. Microsoft Edge comes with Windows 10 pre-installed but still most prefer to use Google Chrome. While Edge works faster and appears to use less resources but it has a major drawback which Microsoft has not addressed even after many protests, which is New Tab setting.

One can see many complaints on the internet that users are unable to set New Tab in Edge to open a customized page, particularly Google page. It is true that Edge does not have this particular setting. One can set start up page open with customized page. But this option is not available for New Tab. You can only customize the new tab page with images and new links but not for a preferred url.

There is a round about way to achieve this. In fact, there are two ways. One is to add or the preferred url in the favorites bar. However, this involves two clicks. Another best option is to set the default search engine to Google. This way, whenever you open new tab, even though the page opens with Bing image, but the search results will be produced by Google.

Settings -> Privacy, search and services -> Address Bar and search

If anyone has alternative option, please comment.

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