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LG TV mechanic charging high and not giving receipt

My TV developed problem of one rupee coin size white spots and torch light like spots while viewing. Contacted my dealer. He directed me to contact one LG VEERA. The LG aothorised tv mechanic visited my house. He opened the TV some Lenses were seen fell down from their places. Using Quickfix paste he pasted them back. Closed the TV. It was Ok. He demanded Rs.10,000 and negotiated to Rs.4,000/- received the cash said he run out of bills in his bill book. He promised to provide the receipt next day but never turned back. I contacted the dealer. He washed his hands that he do not know about the service charges. I was informed by my friends the person has cheated. So I sent a mail to LG Service website asking for “The correct service charge”. My complaint was not resolved. Meanwhile a person from LG Authorised TV Repair centre , Kancheepuram put me, the dealer’s shop, tv mech VEERA on conference call. The TV Mech told me that he will repay the excess amount charged, give a receipt and even after one month whenever I contact him he says he will repay the excess money. As a consumer I suffered monetary loss and mental agony for the past one month and no solution till now. People from LG contact me ans ask me what is my proper complaint no. which I do not have any because all the dealeres in our area give directly give the tv mechanic number and do not giude us to proper lodging of our complaint to the proper LG service number. I am at the receiving end. This is my ordeal.

MADURANTAKAM 603306, Tamil Nadu
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxm@gmail.com

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