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No Airtel data connection for my family number

As part of iPhone 7777 Plan which I have taken on October, 2017, I should get two connections for the monthly payment of Rs. 2499 plus tax. But when I have changed my wife’s number to Family (Child number) under this plan, mobile data (internet) was not present. So from the past 4 months, mobile data is not available for my wife’s number. Everything is proper from my Phone (iPhone 6s). Mobile internet is not working on any other phone for the SIM. I have tried changing the SIM also but no use. My wife is working woman, so from then she is not able to book the cab also. She is facing lot of realtime problems with this issue as mobile internet is a must for the current generation. I have put my wife’s life under risk because of Airtel.

Airtel is promoting that it provides the best 4G connection in the country whereas I’m not getting 2G also. Only the symbol 4G or 3G will be shown but with no internet.

I have given number of complaints through their Customer Care, Appellate team from the past 4 months. They are not paying much attention to my problem and they will always say “Sorry. We will fix it as early as possible”, same dialogue from the months. The problem is clear it’s started when I have included my wife’s number to family as part of iPhone 7777 offer. Airtel personnel couldn’t able to solve my problem.

I have attached all my mail communications with Airtel customer care team with this complaint. I have masked all my personal information in the attachment.

This is your mere irresponsibility and providing the worst service that the any customer can get.

I’m the prime Airtel user since 2002 when there was a tariff of 64 rs. per minute outgoing and 32 rs. per minute incoming. I hold total 3 SIM connections and 2 Airtel DishTV connections and in return, Airtel is providing this kind of service to me.

On top of all these, we are not getting proper network itself sometimes. People call me but say that I’m either not reachable or switched off.

I would have gone for other Service Providers but the problem is I have taken iPhone 7777 offer for 24 months by paying Rs. 2499 plus tax per month.

I need either of the following solutions:
1. Resolve the Mobile Data issue for my Child number within 3 days. Pay the penalty for my pain and risking my wife’s day to day life
2. Cancel my iPhone 7777 plan and so that I will move to other Service providers which are far better

srinath kanugovi
Ramamurthy Nagara, Bengaluru 560016, Karnataka

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