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Problems with Dell Inspiron 3567 Laptop

I purchased a laptop in June 2017. I have been facing numerous issues since then. It was completely shut down. I had to submit it to the customer service center. They returned my laptop after 2 weeks by replacing the motherboard (thats what they say) and reinstalling the OS. At the time of submitting the laptop, I had told them that the mouse touch pad is not very sensitive and it is hard, and the display is also very light(the colors seems faded than the normal colors). It was not fixed. Again after 15 days, The laptop used to shut down automatically, anytime. I called the customer care numerous times (more than 50) At last they agreed to send the engineer to my place. The engineer arrived twice because there were numerous issues. I had to wait a long time and could not use the laptop because of the issues. The engineer changed the mouse touchpad, the LCD, the cable, the speaker; the LCD was changed twice. There were scratches on my laptop while this process took place. Later after 10-15 days again, the laptop started to show the message that time and date is not set when whenever I start it. I had to submit it again to the service center. I received my laptop after 27 days from them, and they changed the motherboard 15mins before I went to pick it up. It was not tested as well. It took a long time to start, the person said that it won’t take this long always as this was the first time after the motherboard replacement; and if it takes then the OS is corrupted you have to install a new one. The laptop was submitted with scratches and I was asked to sign that it had no damages/scratch on it.
I have used it for once after I have received my laptop and I get the same issue. It took like 3 mins to start even when its windows 10, i7 7th gen intel processor laptop. and it gives the time-date setting screen on every startup, which means there is a problem with the CMOS. There is also some sound coming from inside the laptop during startup.
Following is the information :
Dell Inspiron Core i7 7th gen (8 GB/ 1TB HDD/ Windows 10/ 2GB graphics) 3567 Notebook

Kishori Patil
Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur 416502, Maharashtra

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