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Product not delivered by Myntra, no customer support

On 3rd Oct, 2019, I have ordered 5 blazers from Myntra. Out of 5 Blazers only 4 got delivered on 6 Oct, 2019. I was out of town, hence I have contacted Myntra on 11 Oct, 2019 for my package details. Myntra Initially refused to help me with anything, however, on insisting that I was out of town and wasn’t able to contact them on time, they took my complaint.

Yesterday ,i.e,. 14 Oct, 2019, around 4:15 PM a person from Myntra delivery station called me and informed me that they will be refunding my amount. However, haven’t initiated the refund yet, when I asked myntra case manager regarding the same, they denied to refund my amount.

They requested me to wait for 72 hours on 12 Oct, 2019 and informed me that they will be sending the delivery agent for the physical verification of the product on where it got delivered. However, till today they didn’t send anyone for the physical verification. Today I have contacted Myntra more than 6 times , 2 Supervisors disconnected my call without informing me anything.

Later a case manager named Mxxxa called me and when I asked about my refund or product ,she told me that she can’t help me. I have to wait for their email or call. They will be able to help me only when they get a confirmation from their delivery center. When I questioned her regarding the past 72 hours,she told me that they didn’t receive any update since last 72 hours and they are trying to get in touch with them. She also told me that she can’t actually tell whether the delivery center will reply or not, but we need to just wait for their reply. If they don’t reply, I won’t be getting any refund ( I have the call recordings with me) . All these days as per Myntra’s social media team, issue was already escalated, however, Mxxxa informed me that the issue wasn’t escalated and as I tagged the Myntra’s CEO on Twitter, they are actually looking into it.

My product is worth 3K and they don’t bother to do proper research and help me with it.

I request this forum to help me in getting my refund.

Shabana Fathima
Hyderabad 500019, Andhra Pradesh

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