Regarding demand for various charges by Colive accommodation
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Regarding demand for various charges by Colive accommodation

I have checked into colive in the month of Jan 2020 by paying 6k deposit+month rent and stayed at property until mid of March which then I went to home on March 23rd due to covid19 lockdown at my office place. Since then until Dec 2020 my luggage was at my colive room whilst I stayed in my home town. In the end of December I came to Hyderabad due to office hardware work and when I visited my room at colive, I got to see that 50% of my luggage was lost, I was asked to raise a request for this and hence I did the same. As I had to return the next day back to my home town, I decided to vacate my luggage as I wasn’t able to trust anymore that my leftout luggage would be safer. Hence I placed my check out request informing property manager and left on the same day after making sure that I have no dues left in the application (my billing) and being aware that my deposit money might not be fully refunded.
On Feb 2nd, 2021, I received a successful checkout message. And on Feb 24th, I received a legal notice warning mail asking me to pay dues which I have no clue at all… Dues includes as follows
RentOS – 15525/-
Electricity due-185/-
Seperation charges-1811/-
Notice period charges-7245/-
As confirmed above, I had no rental OS/dues till check out i.e., Dec 2020 and electricity charges weren’t even there instead I had paid 200+500rs extra during my visit in Dec 2020 as there was no power in my room.
I don’t know what are seperation and notice period charges, and I was not been informed about these charges during check-in…
I was incurred to pay within 7days, failing to pay will be charged legal notice of +50k more alongside above charges.
I had been calling to my property manager, colive billing desk, customer care, raised service request, contacted over email but no one has been responded back to me.
They are warning me to pay these bogus charges though I had no dues, although my 6k deposit not being refunded.
I request someone to please look into it on a higher priority and help me.

Hyderabad 500032, Telangana


    • Joseph on 15/07/2022 at 8:59 pm

    Was this resolved?

    • Santhi on 21/09/2022 at 11:07 pm

    Even I’m facing the same issue now, please help me

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