Regarding extra money taken by Tata Sky technician for set top box
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Regarding extra money taken by Tata Sky technician for set top box

I have Tata Sky now Tata Play DTH connection at home. My complaint is for refund of my money which was taken by tata play technician in June. Also they have put 2 set top box on my account in our name for which I am paying whereas I am actually using only 1 settop box 1 TV. I could not see TV in June so I called tata sky helpline & they sent technician to check so he came n told that settop box is not working & it needs to be changed. So I asked him if it can be repaired he said no pls take new settop box. He put new settop box n the tv started but he said give me cash pay of 1600. I know the rule that v do not pay cash to tata sky technician but he made up stories n said this is new set top box so pay in cash it will reflect in ur account in 24 hrs. So I paid him Rs 1600 in cash. After 2 days also I ws not able to see account balance n I ws able to see 2 set top box on our name. The DTH connection is in name of my husband.

I called up tatasky helpline for this n I got to know that for existing customer n settop box prob they only charge 400 Rupees so after 1 month of calling n telling my problem one person I think so senior person from backend dept validated that fraud is done n refund of 1200 will be given in 24 hrs n also prob of 2 settop boxon our name will be solved. Bt nowits been 5 months 100000 of calls n complaints they always promise to give refund but they do not give nor call back. Last time I called I told them Don’t give me refund but pls solve the prob of settop box as I hv to pay for 2 settop box connection bcoz of fraud of technician but they are not doing that also. For 5 months I hv been in a loss as 1200 rs extra was taken n also for 5 months I hv been paying extra money for the settop box that is on our name but being used bu sumone else. I hv only one Tv one settop box but still hv to pay for 2.
Pls help me as I m in lot of prob.

Pune 411048, Maharashtra


  1. Hi, we understand your concern. Kindly share your Registered Mobile Number/Sub ID and we’ll solve this at the earliest.

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