Regarding fraud online form filling home based job

Regarding fraud online form filling home based job

I have start working with anshield services, maharashtra, i met with an accidental so i was unable to work so i request them to cancel my work as my doctor suggest me to take a bed rest for 20 days and, i told my concern to the company si they reply that you have fill one form so i cant help you, as i have not fill any form they have filled it by themself, and than they said we cant cancel your work you have to pay the money or do it by anyhow. so by this i continue the work and till evening they have blocked my account and next day said that i did multiple login and i havent and after that she talk in a rude way that i come to your home to login and saying that you are making excuses as you are not able to work and she she said let meet in court now, they were making so many excuses like you have alredy did work sometimes she said you have did multiple login and such more excuses. Please help me form this fraud as i m unable to pay. the amount is 3750.

Mathura 281006, Uttar Pradesh

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