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Regarding refund of application money from KMDA

KMDA has launched its Maddhyanha housing scheme in Sep-2017 both online and offline applications were avaliable for Rs 1000. I have purchased online application from their website on 23.09.2017. My online account was created and I have downloded the application brochure. There was application submission fee of Rs100000 (one lakh). On 29.10.2017 I have filled up all details in online application form avaliable in my account and deposited Rs 100007.08 with charges from my ICICI bank account. After money deposit the site did not return to my application and error message was displayed. When I called KMDA helpline about this they told that your application is not submitted properly and you resubmit it. When I told money is deducted, they told that it will return in five days. The money did not returned and I sent 40 email reminders to helpdesk not a single one is replied back. I talked many times on helpline, their final answer was that money is held in web and they are talking to axis bank manager where the account is held. I sent letters by speed post to Director of finance, CEO, KMDA and chairmen also in Jan-2018. I personally met Jan 2018, nothing happened. My money did not returned and I could not be able to resubmit the application as last date passed in Jan-2018. So I lost Rs (100007.08+1007.08 ) in total.

Sudheer Shastri

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