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Regarding service from Raj Himachal Holidays

This is to inform you about Raj Himachal Holidays bus service. I booked the bus from this company for Manali to Delhi for 25th May, As per the booking this bus should starts from Manali by 04:00PM on 25th and shold reach to Delhi at 05:00 AM on 26th. I booked this bus because I can catch my flight on 26th from Delhi to Manali. Flight time was 08:40 AM.

When I reached the Manali bus depo @ 03:00 PM bus was ready, I thought it will start as per the schedule but I was wrong. Bus was not started from Manali until 05:45 PM (1:45 Hrs delay). I was still having hops that it will reach by 7:00AM in Delhi but I was wrong. Bus have took 3 halts in between just to fill remaining seats, This has lead to another 1:30 Hrs delayed. and finally I reached to Delhi a 09:00AM and till that time my flight was already take-off.

I was totally frusteted because I have no other arrengment to reach to Pune. I struggle a lot to reach Pune. Overall I have spend 1 extra day and Rs.1500 extra due to all this delay. I want to teach them a lesson so that they follow the times as they promise while booking the bus. I want all my money back and a penalty for not following the timings.
Rs: 900 – Bus booking.
Rs:2800 – Flight ticket
Rs: 1000 – Train ticket from Delhi to Mumbai.
Rs: 450 – Bus from Mumbai to Pune.
Rs: 5000 – Penalty.
Please help.

Shashikant Chillal
Chinchwad gaon, PUNE 411033, Maharashtra
02/06/2017 / 1:48 pm

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