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Regarding wrong charges by Zoom cars

I rented a swift car from zoom on 09/11/17. We used the car from 12:15 to 4:35 but the alloted time was 12:30p.m to 5 p.m. We dint damage any part of the car. When we returned the car they took the key and asked us if there is any damage since there was no damage we left. After 10 mins they called us saying that tyre is cut and asking us to pay 3000 rs. They sent its picture. I am very much sure that it was not done by us they have done that and asking us to pay because we could ride it smoothly. According to there rules we cannot mention about tyre damage before taking the car and they are suppose to check it after we return the car before we leave the spot. They broke their rules and made us pay 3000rs without our fault. I spoke to customer thrice but at the end they dint agree. So i paid 3000rs+1025rs rental charge.

Anusha P
Medharahalli, Bangalore 560090, Karnataka

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