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Solved Complaints 3

31. fails to pay full refund

Mr. Soutik Das ( of Kolkata had received Rs.1,000/- short against the cancellation refund of his air tickets booked through  He posted a complaint with ICF on 20-01-2010 and ICF pursued the same with  Mr. Das got back his refund on 25-01-2010.

32. Complaint against for non-receipt of refund against delayed flights from Milwaukee to Delhi via Chicago and Frankfurt

Mr. Kumar Vijay Mishra ( of Fort Collins CO USA 80521 had booked a ticket from Milwaukee to Delhi via Chicago and Frankfurt (on 5th Feb 2010) and back on the same route (on 12th Feb 2010). The United Airlines flight (from Milwaukee to Chicago) in the booking got delayed and so the entire trip was missed out. The Chicago–Frankfurt-Delhi route was on Air India. When Mr. Mishra contacted United Airlines people first, they told him that since the entire trip was through Air India, they don’t have any money for the refund and I should contact Air India. When Mr. Mishra contacted AI, they told to contact makemytrip as the tickets were booked through MakeMyTrip. So Mr. Mishra started contacting makemytrip’s customer care, however he was not successful in obtaining the refund.  He posted a complaint with ICF on 18-02-2010 and ICF submitted the matter to MakeMyTrip. After following-up the matter with MakeMyTrip, Mr. Mishra finally got his refund on 04-03-2010.

33.  Complaint against Hindustan Lever Pureit.

Mr. Rupendrasinh Parmar of Narmada, Gujarat (Email: had lodged a complaint on 01-03-2010 regarding servicing of his defective Pureit.  ICF had submitted the complaint to Hindustan Lever and the same was resolved on 02-03-2010.

34.  Refund claim against – Rs.5089/-

Mr. Sumeet Kumar of Delhi ( had booked a ticket from from Delhi to Bangalore on 5th Jan 2010 and subsequently cancelled it on the same day. Yatra said that money 4839.00 will be refunded by 6th of same month. But he did not receive refund even after two weeks. He had also booked a ticket with same organisation on 13th jan 2010, the ticket was not booked but amount of 250.00 was deducted. Even that amount was not refunded. Mr. Kumar’s had called them many times but was not successful in getting the refund.  He lodged a complaint with ICF on 21-01-2010 and after continuous follow-up with Yatra by ICF and Mr. Kumar, the refund was obtained on 07-03-2010.

35. Complaint against for non-receipt of ticket/refund – Rs.8,871/-

Mr. Jaikesh Sudheer of Bangalore ( had tried to book a ticket from Dubai to Bangalore on 11-03-2010.  The payment was from his ICICI bank account but no ticket was issued by MakeMyTrip.  Inspite of his various calls to the cutomer care he neither received the ticket nor the refund. ICF pursued his complaint with and Mr. Sudheer finally received the refund on 22-03-2010.

36. Complaint against MakeMyTrip for short payment of train ticket refund – Rs.1272/-

Mr. Thiyagarajan of Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu ( had posted a complaint with us on 28-03-2010 for non-receipt of full refund from MakeMyTrip against cancellation of train ticket.  ICF pursued the claim with MakeMyTrip and after email exchanges by Mr. Thiyagarajan the short paid amount was refunded on 08-04-2010.

37. Refund claim against builder/developers – Rs.62,000

Mr. Abhi Tripathi of 3/5 Oxgangs Drive, UK ( had paid an advance of Rs.61,000/- to a Mumbai based builders for their project near Pali (Mountain Heights) in January 2008. Since there was no developments in the project for quite a long time Mr. Tripathi sought refund.  He was given 2 refund cheques on 07-11-2009 which are dated 25-05-2010 and 25-06-2010.  Mr. Tripathi posted his complaint in our site on 02-01-2010 and the same was submitted to the builders by ICF.

The builders approached ICF 21-04-2010 in the matter and after further exchanges with Mr. Tripathi and the builders, the issue was resolved by paying up the full refund of Rs.62,000/- on 10-05-2010 together with interest of Rs.14,234/-.

38.  Complaint against ITBC Sweepstakes Scheme – Claim for refund of Rs.31,487/-

Mr. Nadeem Syed of Thane, Maharashtra had participated in the ITBC Sweepstakes Scheme by placing orders worth Rs.31,500/- on 17-03-2010 and 18-03-2010.  Later he realised that this scheme was a marketing gimmick by ITBC and he opted to cancel the order on 20-03-2010.  Not receiving his refund, he posted his complaint with ICF on 13-05-2010 which was presented to ITBC by ICF.  Following this, Mr. Nadeem Syed received his refund on 20-05-2010.

39. Refund claim against – Rs.13,550/-

Mr. Cyril of Kerala (Email: had won the an auction for LG LCD Jazz Atom (22 inches) Model : 22LU11UR on on 22 April 2010 and made the payment of Rs. 13551.00 on the same day itself. The seller did not send the product or respond to Mr. Cyril’s repeated reminders. Annoyed by the attitude Mr. Cyril had requested for refund of the same through on 29th April 2010 and later on 1st May and 2nd may 2010 also. Since he did not receive the refund till 25-05-2010 he had posted the complaint with ICF, which ICF submitted to Tradus. Tradus acted promptly on the complaint and refunded the amount on 26-05-2010, together with a gift voucher.

40. Refund from


Mr. Volodymyr, Ukraine, Kiev (Email: had unsuccessful air ticket  booking transaction (FLTINT100095741816) with MakeMyTrip but his credit card was debited for the same.    Mr. Volodymyr submitted his complaint with ICF on 20.05.2010.  ICF took up the matter with MakeMyTrip and the Mr. Volodymyr got his refund credited to his account on 26-05-2010.

41. Voltas AC unit replaced

Laxmidhar Mohanty, Nanmangalam, Chennai, Tamilnadu ( had posted a complaint on 08-06-2010 with regard to defective AC unit and poor service from Viveks, Chennai.  ICF submitted the complaint to Voltas and Viveks and the defective unit was promptly replaced with a new one and properly installed on 14-06-2010.

42. Complaint against ITBC for Holiday Vouchers – Rs.5,943:


Mr. Ujjwal Zamad of Thane, Maharashtra ( purchased Holiday Vouchers from India Today Book club ( invoice dated 26/05/2009) for Rs.5,943 (Membership No.: ITBC0934767). He had been requesting ITBC for booking of holidays for the past few months but there was no assistance from ITBC.  He posted the complaint with ICF on 12-06-2010 and ICF submitted the same to ITBC / Big City.  The complaint was finally resolved and Mr. Ujjwal Zamad got holiday booking on 18-06-2010.


43.  Complaint against Big Bazaar – Product not available against order


Mr. Arjun Ankathil (Email: of Pune, Maharastra purchased a Whirlpool Splash washing machine from Big Bazaar Chinchwad on 11 June 2010. As the product was not available at that time, he placed an order for it and was promised a delivery for it within 10 days. On 23rd June 2010 Mr. Arjun was informed that the product cannot be delivered and he has to select some other product. His request to refund the amount to my account was not considered.  He posted his complaint with ICF on 23-06-2010 which ICF submitted to Big Bazaar, following which the complaint was resolved by Big Bazaar to the customer’s satisfaction.


44.  Mediclaim complaint against Oriental Insurance / Raksha TPA – Rs.2,00,000/-


Mr. Manoj Agrawal of Powai, Maharashtra ( submitted a medical reimbursement claim for Vascular surgery (jugular vein) under policy  with Oriental Insurance Co. LTD. Mumbai and their (TPA) Raksha TPA on 5th March 2010.  He had also submitted all the documents required by the TPA. However, the TPA was delaying the settlement and there was no communication from them. Mr. Manoj submitted his complaint to ICF on 03-06-2010 which ICF took up with Oriental and Raksha TPA. The claim was finally settled on or about 05-07-2010 after follow-up by ICF and Mr. Manoj Agrawal.


45.  Complaint against ApolloMunich for mediclaim settlement – Rs.32,200/-


Mr. Ajay Sharma of New Delhi (Email: underwent surgery for Appendicitis at Saraswati Hospital And Cancer Care Centre on 23 March and was discharged on 26 March. The total cost of treatment was Rs.32,200/- and was paid by him in cash, in full.  Mr. Sharma submitted his claim with full documents to Apollo-Munich Insurance Company. His claim was not settled even after many reminders on the basis of a false investigation reported provided by the hospital.  Mr. Sharma submitted his complaint with ICF on 05-06-2010.  ICF took up the matter with Apollo, and after much follow-up with Apollo Mr. Sharma got his settlement cheque on 15-07-2010.

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