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Solved Complaints 4

46. Complaint against Reliance General Insurance / Medi Assist India TPA

Prashant Moda of Delhi (Email:, had submitted his mediclaim bill with Medi Assist India, TPA of Reliance General Insurance in June 2009. The claim was not settled till January 2010 when he posted the complaint with ICF and ICF took up the complaint with Reliance/Mediassist. His claim was finally settled on 13-05-2010 for Rs.32.643.

47. Complaint against MakeMyTrip for short-refund – Rs.4,285/-

Mr. Angad Nagpal of Delhi (Email: had received short payment of refund against the cancellation of Kingfisher Airlines flight booked through MakeMyTrip in the sum of Rs.4,285/-. After not receiving the short paid refund amount even after reminders, Mr. Nagpal posted his complaint with ICF.  ICF took up the matter with MMT and Mr. Nagpal received his balance refund amount on 26-07-2010.

48.  Complaint regarding ICICI Bank credit card settlement:

Mr. Umesh Yawalkar of Pune( had posted a complaint with the Forum in connection with his dispute with ICICI Bank credit card account. He had also complained about false commitment given by ICICI collection agency Ganaraj Services Pune that their representative collected a payment of RS. 15000/- from Mr Yawalkar against settlement of his credit card account and the card account was supposed to be settled for Rs. 45000/- as assured by the Agency. However, nothing as assured by the Agency took place and Mr. Umesh Yawalkar did not get any assistance from ICICI in resolving the issue of settling his credit card dues.  This Forum submitted Mr. Yawalkar’s complaint to ICICI Bank and also advised Mr Yawalkar of the merits of the case.  The issue was finally sorted out to Mr.Yawalkar’s satisfaction after getting some concession in late payment charges and interest component.

49.  Claim against MakeMyTrip / Shiftthoughts Consulting – Rs.5500/-

Mr. Brij Mohan Bhatt of New Delhi ( had done a transaction with Shiftthoughts Consulting on 03-10-2009 to avail an offer through for the value of Rs.5,513.90. Mr. Bhatt neither received the coupon nor any communication from MMT.  They did not agree to refund the money. Mr Bhatt posted his complaint with the Forum on 04-06-2010 and the Forum took up the same with MMT. After follow-up and further negotiations, MMT refunded the full money back on 20-07-2010.

50.  Refund complaint against MakeMyTrip – Rs.62,589/-

Mr. Xavier Selvaraj of Chennai, Tamilnadu ( had booked through MakeMyTrip on 7th for his cousin to Mexico after confirming that no transit visa is required. However, Air France did not allow him to board the flight from Mumbai.  MakeMyTrip had told him to make his own arragements from Mumbai and they said they bear the expenses and fare difference. However, MMT failed to reimburse Mr. Selvaraj and his reminders and phone calls to MMT for four months did not help.  Mr. Selvaraj posted his complaint with ICF on 10-07-2010.  Mr. Selvaraj finally got his reimbursement by 02-08-2010.

51.  Complaint against ICICI Prudential Policy:

Mr. Purushotam Yadav of Rewari, Haryana (Email: had taken a policy on 26-03-2010 by making a deposit of Rs.30,000/- at the insistence of ICICI’s marketing personnel and he was assured mediclaim coverage, bonus commission, cash back and other benefits.  After making the payment he had left for Oman and had tried to contact ICICI with regard to the said policy but did not get any response. Following his return to India, on checking the Policy details he was shocked to find that the features were entirely different to what he was offered. He did not get any of the benefits promised by the marketing people.  Mr. Yadav took up the matter with ICICI Pru but his complaints were ignored. Mr. Yadav posted his complaint with ICF on 01-08-2010. ICF submitted the complaint to ICICI Pru and finally Mr. Yadav got his deposit amount back in the first week of August 2010.

52.  Refund of booking amount from Hyundai showroom – Rs.50,000/-

Mr. Vishal Guptal of Powai, Mumbai ( had paid an advance of Rs.50,000/- to A1 Hyundai dealer at Andheri (E), Mumbai against Hyundai i10 Asta 1.2 WS GLS AT on 04-07-2010.  However, even after waiting for 32 days for the delivery, A1 Hyundai failed to get an allotment of the vehicle from Hyundai and kept were making false promises. Mr. Gupta cancelled his booking on 06-08-2010 and asked the refund of booking money.  The dealer delayed paying back the booking money.  Mr. Gupta lodged a complaint with ICF and got the refund on 22-08-2010.

53. Refund complaint against MakeMyTrip – Rs.32,444/-

Rahul Lodha & Deepali Jain of Parsiwada, Maharashtra (Email: had booked from Delhi to Leh (on August 3rd 2010) through Make My Trip (MMT) for August 15th , 2010 by Kighfisher.  MakeMyTrip did not provide the ticket and on 09-08-2010 Mr. Lodha found out from Kingfisher that no such flight was schedule for the said date of booking.  Mr. Lodha subsequently cancelled the ticket and requested for refund which was not forthcoming. He posted his complaint with ICF on 12-08-2010 and got his refund by 19-08-2010.

54. Non-receipt of gifts from HomeShop-18:

Ms. Aparna Mishra of Lucknow (Email: had purchased 2 pieces of 20lts. of Whirlpool grill Microvaves from Homeshop-18 on 25th of May’2010. HomeShop had promised to give a starter kit & a Reebook Wrist watch. Ms. Sharma received the gifts with only one piece of Microwave. She had complained several times for the gifts for another piece of Microwave with the executives of homeshop-18 but did not receive the gifts of the second piece. She posted a complaint with ICF on 27-08-2010 and subsequently got her gifts on 30-08-2010.

55.  Refund from Paramount Airways:

Mr. Sriram Thanigai of Chennai (Email: booked in Paramount flight Chennai to Coimbatore for 9 tickets on 15 August 2010 vide pnr no. 09MQNR. The flight was cancelled on 17 August but money was not credited back as assured by Paramount. Mr. Sriram posted his complaint with ICF on 10-09-2010 and got his refund by 19-09-2010.

56.  Refund claim against Paramount Airways – Rs.7,896:


Mr. Premkumar of Palakkad, Kerala (Email: had booked three tickets from Chennai to Coimbatore on 16-07-2010.  On 02-09-2010 Paramount informed Mr. Premkumar that the flight was cancelled and he would get the full refund.  Till 19-09-2010 he had not received the refund amount and he posted his complaint with ICFon 19-09-2010, following which he got his refund on 22-09-2010.

57.  Payout cheque not received from ICICI Pru Life Insurance:

ICICI Prudential had issued maturity cheque in favour of Mr. Sat Pal Goyal of Ambala City, Haryana, (Email:  However, there was error in the cheque and Mr. Goyal could not present if for clearance. He returned the cheque and requested for re-issuance of cheque with correct details on 06-09-2010.  Inspite of several reminders he did not receive his cheque till 21-09-2010 and he posted a complaint in the Forum. Mr. Goyal received his cheque on 23-09-2010.

58.  Refund claim against Paramount Airways:

Mr. Kamal Manohar of Chennai( had booked a ticket on 22-08-2010 from Madurai to Chennai.  The flight was subsequently cancelled and his refund was promised in 3 days’ time.  Not receiving the refun   Mr. Manohar posted his complaint with ICF and got his refund by 28-09-2010.

59.  Complaing against Go Ibibo for refund:

Mr. Rohit Agarwal of Kolkata (Email:  had posted his complaint on 27-09-2010 for non-receipt of refund from Go Ibibo for failed air ticket booking transaction on 07-09-2010.  He finally got his refund on 29-09-2010.

60.  Refund complaint against

Mr. Kunal Arora of Delhi had booked his ticket through 08-08-2010 for journey from Bangalore to Delhi.  He however did not get his ticket. confirmed the booking and assured that ticket would be delivered soon.  However, on 18-08-2010 Travelchacha informed that his booking was not successful and his money would be refunded in two days’ time.  However, till 25-09-2010 he did not get his refund inspite of repeated mails and calls.  He posted his complaint with ICF on 25-09-2010 and finally received his refund on 06-09-2010.

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