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Solved Complaints 2

16.  Withdrawal transaction failed but amount deducted from HDFC bank account – Rs.2,500/-

Mr Anil Yadav of New Delhi ( attempted to withdraw Rs.2,500/- from Corpn. Bank ATM against his HDFC Bank Account. The transactions got cancelled automatically due to certain technical glitch. However, Mr. Yadav found that his account had been debited by Rs.2,500/- for the unsuccessful withdrawal transaction. He lodged a complaint with HDFC customer care on 24-09-2009 but the same was not resolved till 07-10-2009 and he posted a complaint to ICF. ICF took up the matter with HDFC bank and Mr. Anil Yadav got refund of the sum on 07-10-2009.

17.  Complaint against Big Bazaar for selling adulterated Gopi Ghee:

Mr. Shikha Airen of Bangalore ( had bought 4 Gopi ghee packets at discounted price on 14-08-2009 from Big Bazaar, Jayanagar, Bangalore and found it to be completely Vanaspati. He tried to contact G.G.G dairy products over mobile but could not. He posted a complaint with India Consumer Forum on 07-10-2009 and ICF took up the matter with Big Bazaar. Big Bazaar replaced the product on 12-10-2009 and had also assured to investigate the matter and remove the unsold products.

18.  Complaint against BSNL for not attending to broadband shifting application:

Mr Amaresh Chandra Das (Kavoor,Mangalore-15, Karnatak, email: amareshchandradas2005@ had applied in June 2009 for shifting of his telephone with broadband to his new address. His application remain unattended till 23-09-2009 when he posted his complaint in the Forum. ICF took up the matter with BSNL officials who were kind enough to resolve the issue.

19.   ICICI Bank levies penal charges without intimation – reversal requested by customer

Complaint posted by Dr.Boopathi Manickam of Madurai ( on 14-10-2009 – ICICI bank had debited Rs.365.00/- on 07/03/2009 as penal charges for Jan 2009 and Rs.358.48/- on 28/03/2009 as penal charges for Feb 2009 from the customer’s current a/c. without intimation about upward revision of monthly average balance. The customer complained to the branch manager many times orally and also in writing. Since no action was not taken, Dr.Boopathi posted his complaint in ICF on 14-10-2009 and got resolved by 23-10-2009.

20.  Hospital Cash claim rejected by Royal Sundaram:

Mr. Ashish Saxena of Indore (Email: had taken Hospital cash Insurance from Royal Sundaram for him and his wife. His wife admited in hospital referred by the attending doctor. Royal sundaram rejected his Hospital Claim saying that their doctor panel thought that there was no need to admit in Hospital. Mr Ashish posted his complaint in ICF on 20-10-2009 and his claim was settled by Royal Sundaram promptly by 24-10-2009.

21.  Complaint against for non-receipt of refund against unsuccessful transaction – Rs.5,818/-

Mr Shekhar Pal of Kolkata ( had tried to book a return ticket from Bangalore to Kolkata with on 14th Sept,09 using my HDFC bank credit card. The booking was unsuccessful due to technical problem but Rs.5819/- was deducted from Mr. Pal’s account. Even after repeated contacting for refund his refund was not forthcoming. Mr. Pal posted a complaint with ICF on 05-10-2009. and the matter was taken up with Mr. Pal confirms that he has now received credit (on 16.10.2009).

22.  Complaint against ABN Amro Bank for charging credit card in advance for redeemable vouchers – Rs.9,990/-

Megha Sharma of New Delhi ( had posted a complaint with regard to discriminatory charging of her credit card by ABN Amro. ABN Amro had offered under “world is yours” some redeemable vouchers for travel, dining and two watches as complementary gifts. The bank had said that if the customer needed to redeem the vouchers she can go to the bank branch and pay the amount Rs. 9,990 and avail it. Ms. Megha Sharma had confirmed all the details not once but thrice and the bank always said the amount will be charged only when the customer availed the vouchers. However, the amount was immediately charged on Ms. Megha Sharma’s card and the amount was charged “PREMIUM CLUB OFFER NAVI MUMBAI MAH”.  Ms. Sharma’s complaints to the bank proved futile.

Ms. Sharma posted her complaint with ICF on 20-10-2009 which ICF submitted to ABN AMRO bank for redressal. The problem was resolved after the bank reversing the entire amount charged to her credit card by 3-11-2009.

23.  Complaint against Make My Trip for refund delayed for more than six months – Rs.9,993/-

Claudia Jones of Goa ( had to cancel a flight to Thailand on 30-04-2009 that was booked through Make My Trip. She was assured that she would receive a full refund. She did not get the refund even after six(6) months. She posted her complaint in ICF on 1.11.2009 and ICF submitted the complaint to Make My Trip. Ms. Claudia Jones got her full refund on 08-11-2009.

24.   Complaint against India Times Shopping for refund – Rs.1,440/-

Ms. Arpita Mahapatra of Kolkata ( had ordered for 8GB Spy Hidden Pen Camera on 19th September 2009 with Times Shopping after seeing an advertisement in the Times of India paper ( Kolkata Branch 16th September ) by making a payment through cheque to their agent .  After not getting the product even after a month, she contacted India Times customer care. She was told that her order was cancelled as they could not deliver the product to her residential area.  After this she did not get the refund even after many reminders.  She posted her complaint in the Forum on 08-11-2009 and got her refund on 04-12-2009.

25.  ABN AMRO complaints – ‘World is Yours’ fraud Transaction on credit card – Rs.9,990/-

Ms. Sugandha of Noida ( posted a complaint in the forum on 23-11-2009 with regard to fraudulent charging of her credit card account with Rs.9,990/- on 10-09-2009 under ABN AMRO Bank’s ‘World is Yours’ scheme.  Her repeated requests to ABN AMRO to reverse this unauthorized charge were not attended to by the bank.  ICF submitted Ms. Sugandha’s complaint to the bank on 24-11-2009 and the matter was resolved by the bank on 07-12-2009 by reversing  the charges.

26.  Customer charged for unsolicited debit card – Complaint against ICICI Bank:

Dr. Boopathi Manickam of Madurai ( posted a complaint with ICF with regard to ICICI bank debiting charges on account of debit card issued by the bank but was not received by Dr. Manickam.  Bank did not respond to his complaints.  ICF submitted Dr. Manickam’s complaint to the bank and the charges were subsequently reversed.

27.  Complaint against Nivea Soft Cream

Mrs. Rekha Goyal of Nangal, Punjab ( had posted a complaint with ICF on 02-12-2009 with regard to Nivea Soft Cream purchased from the local market.  She had stated that her faced swelled on using the cream and she incurred Rs.1,529/- for treatment.  ICF submitted the claim to Nivea and on 11-01-2010 Mrs. Rekha Goyal has confirmed that she got refund of cost of nivea soft and medical expenses.

28.  Complaint against Omaxe Ltd. for non-receipt of refund money – Rs.3,00,000/-

Mr. Yogesh Chandra Srivastava of Lucknow ( had paid Rs 300,000/- to Omaxe Ltd. towards pre-booking amount of a flat in the Jaipur project thru second purchase. The title & assignment was duly registered by Omaxe in Mr. Yogesh’s and his wife’s name.  As the builder had not acquired land for the project and it was getting delayed, Mr. Yogesh applied for refund on 12/03/2009.  However, he did not get his refund inspite of repeated complaints and he posted his complaint with ICF on 21-12-2009. ICF submitted the complaint to Omaxe and after a couple of email exchanges Mr. Yogesh finally got his refund money together with interest on 07-01-2010.

29. Refund claim against Paramount Airways – Rs.5,954/-

On 23-06-2009 Mr. Mathews Prabhakaran of Chennai (   booked a ticket to Delhi from Chennai thro’ online in Paramount Airways. Paramount airways staff later informed Mr. Prabhakaran on 06.07.09 that the flight scheduled for 12.07.09 was cancelled and the full refund would be credited to his card account.  Mr. Prabhakaran did not receive the refund till 26-12-2009.  ICF pursued the claim with Paramount Airways and Mr. Prabhakaran finally got the refund on 16-01-2010.

30.  Cash not dispenses in ATM but account debited – Rs.2,100/-

Mr. N.C.Baruah of Bangalore ( used his UBI ATM  at State Bank of India Sadasivanagar personal banking branch ATM on 5/4/09 to withdraw cash. Although the transaction was declined, his A/C with UBI was debited without cash being dispensed and without any transaction slip. Mr. Baruah had registered  a complaint with UBI online, SBI online as well as with UBI Dibrugarh Branch, Assam, by filling in the complaint form. However even after nine months no action was taken. Mr. Baruah posted his complaint with ICF on 24-01-2010 and ICF pursued the matter with the bank.  Mr. Baruah got his credit back on 29-01-2010.

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