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Substandard product from Ebay vendor

I had recently purchased an agarbatti stand from ebay, online. This product looked fine on the website, however when I received it, I found it of a very cheap quality. The decorations were coming off. The product ws supposed to be made of brass but it looks like it is made out if thin tin sheet. The price is Rs.629/- but doesn’t look like it is even worth Rs.50/-. When I contacted ebay, they asked me to contact the seller. Which I did, and the seller agreed to refund the money. When I again tried to confirm with ebay, they said the seller has not contacted and also they can’t refund the money. When I got back to the seller, the representative said they have mailed and called ebay, but ebay flatly refused to do anything. They have been making me run from pillar to post to resolve this issue, but in vain. The seller is lying saying they have done the needful and ebay says, no communication received. They just read out the ebay guideline script, nit even once trying to resolve the issue. Ebay has taken the my money but blankly refuses to do anything to resolve the issue. The custoner service manager, Axxxxt was extremely rude and didn’t help. The seller’s representative was also rude and shouting most of the time. The have taken my money, given me an atrociously substandard product and are refusing to refund my money. Such a pathetic shopping experience on ebay. Promise myself to never get back to ebay.

Bandita Nikam
Hullimavu, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
22/05/2017 / 1:13 pm


    • ebay on 13/06/2017 at 5:02 pm

    Dear bandita_ni,

    We are sorry to hear that you’ve been having this experience. Since we can’t reach you so you can contact us here:

    Team eBay

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