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Tata Sky deactivated account despite advance payment

Tata Sky has been raising prices indiscriminately over the last 2 years, in fact from May to July there has been an increase every month in the recharge amount. Even so, we have been paying the unwarranted increased amounts because existing consumers don’t have any option till TRAI introduces portability in DTH. Anyway, the more serious complaint is that now the company advanced my recharge date by 3 days even though I had paid more than the due recharge amount last month (to round off the amount). I was surprised to find the ‘urgent’ payment reminder a few days too early. I checked the amount I paid and date, and pointed out the ‘error’ to Tata Sky Nodal office. However, they still deactivated my connection at least 3 days before the payment was actually due! Now this seems to be a new form of making consumers pay twice for a certain duration! I have written to Nodal office and even to MDs office but have not received any response and my connection is deactivated. Not at all expected from a Tata Group Company.

N Mathur
Yapral, Hyderabad 500087, Telangana
Email: mxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

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