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Terms of Use

A. Terms of Usage and Rules pertaining to www.indiaconsumerforum.org:

1. This Terms of Usage and Rules apply for all visitors, users and authors of this site. By using this site, visitors, users, authors or registered members agree and acknowledge to abide by the Usage terms of India Consumer Forum.

2. Articles and messages posted in the Forum are the views of the respective member/s and authors. India Consumer Forum does not subscribe to any of the views expressed here in and therefore cannot be held responsible for the messages, post and articles, in any manner.

3. Users, by agreeing to these rules, warrant that they will not post any messages that are personal, obscene, vulgar, sexoriented, hateful, threatening, political, inciting racism or otherwise violative of any local and international laws.

4. Users and authors also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless they own the copyright or have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this site.

5. Users and authors also agree that they will not hold India Consumer Forum responsible or liable for any damages they may suffer by direct or indirect use of this site. By accepting to these terms, authors of posts and complaints agree to indemnify India Consumer Forum, their owners and representatives against any loss, damage of any nature that Users may suffer by direct or indirect use of this site.

6. If there arises any court proceedings, of whatsoever nature, initiated against the Forum, with regard to any post/complaint published in this Forum, the Author/s of such post/s and complaint/s hereby expressly warrant/s that he/she/they shall take full responsibility of the court proceedings and fully indemnify and fully exempt India Consumer Forum their owners and representatives from such court proceedings and related liabilities.

7. The advertisements and publicity banners that may appear at various places in the site pages are third party contents and the site Management do not vouch for what is being claimed or offered by the publicity banners and ad links. Members/Users/authors of this site contents hereby consent and agree that they access, click/activate such links and ad banners at their own risk and responsibility, without having any recourse to the Forum.

8. We, the owners of India Consumer Forum, reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any posts, threads and delete the account of the members found violating these Rules.

9. Views or comments provided in this site by India Consumer Forum, its administrators and operators are only general in nature and should not be treated as legal opinion.

10. The Forum will not provide any legal assistance or will not handle cases on behalf of the Complainant.

B. Terms & Conditions for posting complaints:

1.  The complaint should be genuine.  If found false, the complaint would be removed immediately and, if required under law, we would be compelled to share details of the complainant to appropriate authorities.

2.  The complaints should have been first taken up with the opposite party and there should be a dispute in the matter.

3.  Complaints should be attached with at least one supporting document or references of complaints lodged with the opposite party.

4.  The complaint should not contain political, abusive, vulgar and defamatory contents.

5.  Complaints with incomplete and wrong contact details would not be processed and published.

6.  You are not required to share your private details like user id, password and other secured or privileged details with us.  We are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any such details provided by inadvertently or otherwise.

7.  Complaints that are not directly addressed to us in the proper format will not be published and processed.

8. Please provide a valid email and contact number.  Do not provide email ids to which messages could not be sent.  This is important because the site would require to write to you with regard to complaints posted by you.

C. Services, Charges and Cancellation:

1.  Complaints can be posted free of charge.

2.  There will be administration charges if the Forum is required to process the complaint and take it up with the opposite parties and these charges are non-refundable.

3.  Our services are on best efforts basis. We shall take reasonable efforts to find a resolution to the grievances, without any assurance of resolution.

4.  Services of consultancy, drafting are provided on charge basis.

5.  Advice provided by us on any matter should not be construed as legal advice.  Customers are advised to approach lawyers locally for any legal opinion and legal action.

6. If you want to cancel any service please send email to us within 24 hours of payment or before commence of our service, whichever is earlier.  Refund will be process after deduction of Rs.100/- or 25% whichever is higher. Refunded will be processed only if our charges are credited to our account from the PG.

Please also read our Privacy Policy which also forms part of our usage terms.

For any further clarification, please contact admin@indiaconsumerforum.org or admin2icf@gmail.com

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