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Train Ticket Bookings

  • There is no need to avail the services of online travel portals/agents to book your train tickets. It is advisable to do the booking yourself.  This way can avoid unnecessary complication of cancellations and refunds.
  • If you are booking ticket through agent always check the passenger and journey details as soon as you receive the ticket. Also repeat your check before and on the journey date to ensure that your ticket is valid.
  • Claiming refunds for cancellations after releasing of reservation chart and refunds against TDRs is time consuming. Wait for 90 days before you raise an issue with IRCTC. If you are not satisfied with IRCTC’s response you can escalate the matter to the Chief Commercial Manager of the respective zone.

Banking & Credit Card:

  • While withdrawing amount from ATM, if your first attempt fails then do not make a second attempt for the same figure. For e.g, if your first attempt for withdrawal of Rs.5000/- fails, do not make a second attempt for the same figure of Rs.5,000/-.
  • Take a p/o of your balance before and after every withdrawal transaction.
  • Do not provide your contact and banking details to any unsolicited emails / online forms.
  • If you can access your credit card account online, make frequent checks for any unbilled transactions that are not carried out by you.  If you find any suspicious activity/transaction, immediately raise a dispute with the bank.
  • Do not provide the copy of the reverse of your credit / debit card to any one for any purpose as this will reveal the cvv code and can be misused.
  • While buying products using your credit / debit card at merchant establishments, verify the transaction approval slip for the correct amount before signing. Do not sign duplicate slips for the same transaction.
  • While making online payments ensure that the payment is made through secured websites. Lookout for ‘https’  in the urls which indicate the site is secured. URLs with ‘http’ indicates the site is not secured for making online payments.

Packers & Movers:

  • There are so many unscrupulous Packers & Movers with similar names. Choose the one who are established with good credentials even though you may have to pay more.
  • Put all the terms and conditions in writing and get it signed by the party. Ensure that payment terms are clearly mentioned in writing.
  • Choose the packers who have an office at the place where you are shifting to.
  • If the articles are being insured then do not forget to obtain the Insurance Cover Note.
  • If you find articles damaged or short-shipped, immediately lodge a written complaint.
Always submit your complaints in writing and send it by regd. Post/speed post or courier so that you can have documentary evidence of receipt of your complaint. You complaint should be clear and to the point. For repeated complaints enclose the copy of the previous complaint for ready reference.
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