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Travel agent not returning my passbook

I am from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. I applied to Billa Public Relations, Court Road, Hoshiarpur for Malaysia as a Trainee Engg. Civil. At the time of conversation , Head of this travel agency told me, that company will provide me a Accomodation, food, electricity and transportation. They told me that the visa taking after a signed on agrrement, which is nearly about 1,50,000 INR. Before visa they give me a offer latter which is send by a company to them, In this offer latter the salary which they told me is so much higher than salary offer in a offer later. And one more thing that is Company not providing a food to the employ which is a major issue for me. Due to that i say No for go to Malaysia in Pattron, Oil and Refinary Company.
After few days , when i was go to the travel agency’s office to get my passport back, they told me to give a 10,000 Indian rupees for get my passport back, I give the details of my presently financial and personal issues that why i said No and why i m not say yess to Go.
In the answer of they using a some abuse words to in front of me and my mom and told us , i don’t care how you manage money for your passport and i don’t care which action you will taken against me in future, Do which u want”….
Sir Main issue is that they don’t have a sense how to talk with a ladies. If you are able to do something plzz take action.

Bhupinder Kumar
Hoshiarpur 146001, Punjab

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