Loss of product by Shree Shyam Air Services

I have sent a packet of 0.660 Kg contaning 2 Saree at Santipur, Nadia – 741404 through Shree Shyam Air Service Pvt. Ltd on 22.08.18, The tracking says that they sent the packet on 28.8.18 toward Fulia but til date coustomer not receive the packet. Now They are saying that packet is lost. But they are not lodging any Fir against this lost packet. And Because the packet is not cover with insurance they are saying that they will not going to pay any compensation. The Value of the Saree is Rs. 2000.00. Tracking ID of the packet is 378845238.

Please solve the problem.

Subrata Adhikary
Howrah, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com

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