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Bad internet service from Idea Broadband

We took Broad band services from Idea and paid advance payment for 3 months for Rs 3447 on 20th June. They promised to provide 4 Mbps of speed as I required for my brother work from home. He came on Vacation on ground doing work from home. But due to bad services he not able to even connect to server as speed they promised never delivered and maximum time irregular connection. I need to always raise complain and they do something and work for next 1-2 hrs then again same issue. Even we asked if not able to provide disconnect and refund money but they said this time they change this device that device resulting work from home activity impacted and that cost no payment for last one and half months. My total loss due to this uncertain connection is approx 50000.
Below are complain number which raised for service issue:
1. TCT2017070557 : 5th July
2. TCT20170711187 : 11th July
3. TCT20170714256 : 14th July
4. TCT2017071853 : 18th July
5. TCT20170724318 : 24th July
6. TCT2017072642 : 26th July
7. TCT2017072876 : 28th July
8. TCT20170728186 : 28th July
9 : TCT2017080425 : 4th Aug
10 . TCT2017081117 : 11th Aug

I am asking to refund my connection value as now I can’t wait for more losses in my Work from home activity. Now I want to raise cliam of my losses which incurred due to inadequate services from Idea.

Kunal Saran
Chandan Nagar, Pune 411014, Maharashtra

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