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Bad resorts offered by Sterling Holidays

I received a call regarding FREE HOLIDAYS from Sterling Holidays in March 2016.

The entire setup was staged at Raguleela Mall, Vashi. I was attended by Mr. Kxxxxr Nxxxxxr, Mr. Cxxxxxg Txxxxxr & Mr. Nxxxxxxh Pxxxxxxr for presentation. These officers (like others) promised all 4 star & 5 Star properties in India & abroad. I was told that the CHEAP membership offer was valid for ONLY TODAY & the trap was laid & I had fallen for it. An initial payment was taken with details of EMI after 1 year was explained & the matter closed there and then.

It was when I had taken my first vacation at Agra that I realized I was taken for a ride by this company claiming themselves to be cheaper & better than it’s rival i.e. Mahindra Holidays. The quality of resorts is nowhere near to 4 star/5 star properties. They were quite ordinary in which we can book for 1500 per day or so plus it was far away from city and I had to pay Rs. 500 each day for travel to city.

Immediately after my return I wrote a e-mail to sterling for my membership fees refund. Some officer called up & assured HELP (a trap again). I was told to take another holiday in Goa (Club Estadia) whose property was NICE. Nice my foot, it was the same pathetic as the previous one.

After that I wrote several time & same trap was shown but I was wiser this time & insisted on Refund. Finally they played their Trump Card …. “You can not get your refund because we give refund on cancellation within 10 Days of membership & 40 % refund within 4 month of membership”

What the hell. How am I supposed to go for cancellation in that time frame if I don’t take a vacation in the first place & if your officers misguide you.

Sorry that I have been so elaborate in my story but my aim is to guide everyone on how these trained men take you for a ride & fool you & eat all your money without you knowing about it. Beware of these conman & the company who are doing so after all it’s our hard earned money they take with false promises & dreams .

Amit Bafna
Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706, Maharashtra


    • Sterling Holidays on 23/08/2017 at 8:51 pm

    Dear Amit,

    We hope our executive has shared necessary information regarding refund. Thank you.

    Member Relations – Sterling Holidays.

    • Amit Bafna on 24/08/2017 at 1:19 pm

    The e-mail received from your executive states that “your membership is cancelled”. There is no mention of “Refund” in the mail.

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