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Bent, used phone from Flipkart

Please help. Flipkart sent me used bended phone. It is totally bended. If I give pressure the screen could come out of body! Plz help me to get the refund.

1. I got a replacement on 28th july.

2. After unboxing i got that from box packaging to phone, its used.

3. After few times i got that the phone is bended, used condition, smudges all over, buttons are non workable, cracking noise are coming from whole body and sides of the pjone as its bended etc..

4. Anyway, i called flipkart for refund, as i got the replacement like this.

5. The representative told me where should i take the refund? On wallet or bank account? I said wallet. He started processing. And then he said I will get call regarding return pickup and whole thing will be done by 29th july. Then i reconfirmed that it will be picked up by 29th july or not, he confirmed it will be.

I got sms and email regarding that and the thing is i have to wait till 2:30pm 29th july for call regarding it.

6. Waited for 2:30pm yesterday, no pickup arrangement, no call, no sms, no email, no nothing.

7. I called flipkart again, she told me i have to wait till 6:30pmm! haha! Then she transferred the call to senior, he said he couldn’t do anything ! Haha! I have to wait. I asked what if i get no response and pickup again? He said no sir, you will get notified for sure.

8. Nothing happened after 6:30pm, haha! So i called again, that ma’am requested me to wait till 9:00pm again.. haha!

9. Nothing happened after 9:00pm, haha!
I called atleast 20times till 11pm! Got no result, just requested me to wait and wait.. haha..

10. Now few mins ago i was talking to flipkart, he requested me to wait 24hours! Haha! Haha! Then i said if you can’t help me, transfer the call to a senior executive, he said they got no permission for that! Haha! What the hell! Then i said i know about the permission, just transfer the call!
So he said no sir! Haha! Then i talked point to point, then he started to shrink, and said wait am transferring the call to senior, but then after few times, he said it can’t be done sir, no seniors are here sir, call after 4 hours! Haha!
Points to be noted –
Got the damaged bended used phone. And Flipkart treated like –

I) 29th july pickup/call from flipkart guarantee

II) will get something from flipkart by 2:30pm

III) will get call by 6:30 for sure

IV) will get call by 9pm or within 29th july 11:59:59PM

V) today, i have to wait again for 24hours. Haha!
Flipkart is cheating on me. I need the refund, pickup the item. Arrange the return pickup, thats it! Stop bluffing! I need the refund! You guys eating my money!”

Abhijeet Mitra
Howrah 711104, West Bengal

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