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Fake promotion campaign by Big Basket

I am seriously disappointed with BigBasket order and its way of handling the order and its customer service. I placed an order value of more than Rs 1500 as order # BKOO-30575728-290717. As per BigBasket promotion campaign of FREE 2 Kg Chandramukhi Potato + 2 kg Onion worth Rs 68 for order value more than Rs 1500, I made the order value to go up and cross Rs 1500 to avail the free gift.
Today, when the items got delivered it didn’t come with the free gift as committed. I called BigBasket customer helpdesk. The person concerned repeatedly tried to say to me that these items could be out-of-stock and I should have read the terms and conditions first that free items could be out of stock. I said, why only free items be out of stock? Isn’t that a commitment at the time of placing an order that items are in-stock. It should not matter that I paid it or not, i,e if the item cost is a paid value or a free value, it’s a commitment. The customer support person repeatedly told that this must have been out-of-stock. i was surprised and shocked to believe that why free items could go out of stock? Is it because I didn’t pay for it? Strange! But because of that commitment I had increased my order value, that means just to get more business, BigBasket bluffed? With a commitment at the time of order (by showing the shopping cart items) and later stating out-of-stock is unacceptable. Eventually got a commitment from Customer Support representative that these free items can be delivered with my next order which is supposed tp be delivered next day (against my next order # EKORO-30636016-300717).
Now, when I am checking the pending orders, I got surprise again! Instead of free gift of 2 Kg Chandramukhi Potato + 2 kg Onion worth Rs 68, he had added A-BKOO-30636929-300717 Order Placed as Cash On Delivery and Unpaid and for an amount Rs 58.
Strange and very strange!
Does it mean BigBasket is bluffing against free gift commitment and then showing out-of-stock clause and adding that as a unpaid order and that too with different items like Onion – Economy and FRESHO Potato – Jyoti worth 58 (as unpaid) instead of 2 Kg Chandramukhi Potato + 2 kg Onion worth Rs 68 (as free but undelivered).
I wrote to them insisting them to review my order and get back to me at the earliest to resolve the issue.
BTW, I read their terms-and-conditions @ https://www.bigbasket.com/terms-and-conditions but DID NOT SEE any OUT-OF-STOCK clause and that too after placing and committing an order. To me BigBasket team should know what is in stock or not when BigBasket is committing an order and not that FREE ITEMS would be out-of-stock! That’s a complete breach of trust and commitment,
This is for general awareness of the public about Big Basket commitments and false promises at the time of promotional campaign.

Debasish Jana
Kolkata 700033, West Bengal
Email: dxxxxxxxxxj@gmail.com

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