Complaint regarding account blocked by AJIO

Complaint regarding account blocked by AJIO

I received an IVR call today and following that my AJIO account was blocked giving the reason that no. of returns were high.

We understand the company policy of disallowing customers to make purchases if the returns exceed a certain limit. 1) However there is a Refund for my Order ID FN96xxxxxxx9 still pending. I have submitted my Bank statements as well when requested by the Greivance Officer Team and there is a ticket open under ID COM00039356970 for the same. This refund is related to a purchase from the month of April which the AJIO team had technical issues and were not able to pick up the product for a return that could not requested the very next day as the system did not have the delivery status updated correctly. After multiple (more than 50) follow ups on calls and emails to the Greivance officer, the return pick up was made in June and the refund for the same was yet to be credited to my account.

2) My Order ID FN088xxxxx0 has yet not been delivered. It’s still on its way. Still AJIO system blocked my Acc

We understand there is an automated system in place but I am sure with manual intervention the AJIO team can sort out this automated error where by the customer is allowed to complete the orders in process, refunds are cleared and then they block the account for further purchases.

My humble request to this forum and the AJIO team is to look into this urgently and assist me with the refund

Mumbai 400054, Maharashtra

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