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NOKIA not honouring Warranty

NOKIA not honouring Warranty:

Vijay Shanker, Bommair palayam, NEAR PONDICHERRY, Tamil Nadu (Email: vsjsatsanga(at) had a very bad experience in PONDICHERRY where Nokia mobile phone was taken to their service centre, who kept it overnight for 24 hours in their shop, messed around with the instrument, probably damaged it beyond repair and then REFUSED TO REPLACE THE PHONE THAT WAS WELL WITHIN the ONE YEAR WARRANTY. The mobile phone was just 8 months old. Mr. Vijay Shanker want Nokia to remedy the situation by restoring it to good condition or get a new phone in replacement. He posted his complaint with ICF on 01-11-2012 and the matter was pursued with Nokia. Mr. Shanker finally repaired the device free of cost and restored it to good working condition.

Nokia - 17.11.2012

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