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Complaint regarding Aircel rate cut charge, 3G data balance

I did a recharge of Rs. 299/- on my mobile number 8xxxxxxxxxx7 on Jun 28, 2017. The mobile service provider is Aircel, Bihar. With the recharge, I got 1 GB 3G data per day and Rs.50 talktime which are valid for 28 days. The new talktime balance after recharge was Rs.103.40/- and I had a data balance of about 9 GB 3G data. The data balance was not carried forward which was valid on Jun 28 and I did recharge on Jun 28.

I also did a recharge of Rs. 15/- then as rate cutter facility which provides local call and STD call at Rs. 0.25/- and Rs. 0.30/- per minute respectively. I did a call for 25 minutes maximum after the recharge within the 28 days validity period. But yesterday, on July 04 my mobile talktime balance was Rs. 0.0/- and data balance of 9 GB 3G data was not carried forward also. The loss of abovementioned amount and data has not been restored yet even I contacted customer care of Aircel in this regard. They do not apply the rate cutter service although I received sms of rate cutter service too. They have consumed all my balance amount for call of 25 minutes which should cost only Rs. 6.25/- only.
Pleae look in this matter and ask Aircel to restore all my balance (Rs. 97/- and 9 GB of 3G data) soon.
Thank you and Regards.

Pankaj Sinha
Danapur, Patna 801503, Bihar


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    • aircel on 06/07/2017 at 2:25 pm

    Dear Pankaj ,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. Kindly share the following details in order to look into your issue:

    Aircel No.:
    Mode of recharge:
    Transaction ID:

    Thanks & Regards
    Aircel Social Media Team

    • pankaj on 07/07/2017 at 1:37 pm


    My Aircel no. is : 8804244537
    Mode of recharge: from a retailer (Shop name: AtoZ, RPS Nagar, Danapur, Patna, Bihar
    Transaction id: Txn No. BHR 17062821062300104 (for Rs. 299/- recharge)
    and Txn No. BHR 17062821072600308 (for Rs. 15/- recharge)

    The new talktime balance in my account was Rs. 103.40/- which was wrongfully debited after call of 25 minutes maximum after the two recharge. Rate cutter of Rs. 15/- was not applied by Aircel in charging each call which should cost me only Rs. 6.25/- for local calls @ 0.25 paisa per minute.
    I had a balance of about 7-9 GB of 3G data which was not carried forward after recharge.
    Please solve this overcharging and data deletion by Aircel.
    Thank you.

    • Aircel on 10/07/2017 at 4:03 pm

    Dear Pankaj ,

    We are forwarding your issue to the team. Meanwhile, kindly share the following details so that our team can look into your issue:

    Sample no.:

    Thanks & Regards
    Aircel Social Media Team

    • Aircel on 11/07/2017 at 1:10 pm

    Dear Pankaj ,

    We would like to inform you that as per the records, there is a balance deduction on 04/07/2017 of Rs 92.90/- for data browsing (10ps/10kb). Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process any refund for the same.To avoid such deductions, we would suggest you please activate any of our data plans available through our IVR/ USSD mode, you can call 1288 or *133# for more details.

    Thanks & Regards
    Aircel Social Media Team

    • pankaj on 12/07/2017 at 10:57 am

    It is surprising to see that Rs. 92.90/- was debited from my balance for no proper reason. When data balance was zero, how can Aircel apply data rate for browsing (10ps/1kb) and debit amount of Rs. 92.90/- and Rs. 38.0/-? Such case never happened to me before but now Aircel is pilfering balance from customer’s account deliberately by running services which was not requested. It is mistake of Aircel to apply data rate without informing its customers. Most important, I was not aware of this data service charge which is actually overcharging a customer for no use of data.

    I again request Aircel to return my balance of Rs. 92.90/- and Rs. 38.0/- immediately otherwise I will take this matter legally and register a case against Aircerl for undue charging and overcharging as well as for pilfering balance from customer’s account.

    Thank you.

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