Complaint regarding fake work from home data entry job offers
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Complaint regarding fake work from home data entry job offers

On 10th May, 2021, I have received a call from a woman attached with Mindtree Solution, an Ahmedabad based data entry service provider offering a Work From Home job. She pointed out the terms and conditions of the work along with the remuneration. Write up of 100 pages to be copied within 8 days maintaining minimum of 90% accuracy to get Rs 20,000/-. Otherwise Rs 6999/- has to be paid as penalty amount. I have shown interest and provide all the necessary documents to make an agreement. All these processes they tactfully completed very fast. Common people will not be able to understand, this is a fraud company.

Within 7 days I have completed that project and wait for 2days to find the QC Report. Most of the people are getting confused with the name of the company. This is not the original Mindtree Company and Mindtree Solution is just ripping the name of a reputed company. They gave me fake QC report and I protest with the screenshot (via email) of the pages those have been represented as error pages. But unfortunately I have not received any reply from them through return mail. They forwarded me an email informing that, an amount of Rs 5000/ I have to pay as “Re-work Performance amount” to rework the same project and which will be refunded with the remuneration after submitting the same with 90% accuracy level. I remitted the money and had to wait for the activation of the same project. After that, again I have received a mail where they are demanding non refundable penalty amount of 3499/- INR (Instead of penalty amount of 6999/- INR as I have applied for re-work.) Thus they demand the money step by step.

Again I deposited this amount next time, because a lot of pain I have taken to complete the job within the stipulated time. I spend my valuable time. Now they activated the project under my profile and offer 3 days to complete (End Date: 23rd May 2021). Again I have checked the document bit by bit and the minor mistakes I have rectified and submitted within the stipulated time.

On 27th May, 2021 they produced a fake QC report again along with the demand of Rs 5000/ 2nd time as “Performance Guarantee Amount”. According to the report there was 15 no. of pages containing error. Out of which 5 pages I could find any mistake there. Same to same write up. But according to the report it was absurd, not feasible.

QC team members are doing very well in fabricating the data. They are introducing the error intentionally and presenting the report in such a way that it is the mistake of the freelancer. So it becomes impossible to achieve 90% or above accuracy level. Even more the report of some pages are absurd, fictitious and not feasible. No error in the page is also segregated as error page. They used to generate the fake report to show the accuracy level below 90%.

Again likewise the previous case, I attached those pages to verify the report again so that my document will achieve atleast 90% accuracy level and I shall get back the money. After so many telephonic conversation they have replied me today (31st May, 2021 within 1 hour of the last call) that they found the same mistakes and thereby my project was rejected.

As a reply mail I have thrown challenges to them because I have preserved the screenshots of the pages and every document starting from the 1st day of correspondence. I have strong and valid documents to prove that they are generating fake QC reports every time.

So it is not only wastage of hours after hours from the days and nights but also loss of money. I haven’t earned money from this job but remitted huge amount of money (Total Rs 5000/- plus Rs 3,499/-, i.e., Rs 8499/-) in their account ( which I preserved for my child’s vaccination.
Therefore my earnest request to take necessary actions against them to stop cheating the people further and forbid them by law

Siliguri 734001, West Bengal

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