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Complaint regarding harassment and demands from Tikona

I had been a customer of Tikona Broadband since 2015 and never had any delay in my payments (# 1115672584). My advance for 07-April to 06-May 2017 was also paid in advance before the due date. But, in 2017 April month, I moved to another house and requested Tikona for relocation of my connection on April 15, 2017. Tikona customer care executive assured me that the relocation will be done free of cost and will be done very soon. Tikona engineer visited my older house and disconnected broadband from there to install it in my new address on Monday April 17, 2017. He came to my new address with devices and wire to set it up. At my new address balcony he put the router/tikona device temporary and tested the connection in the room adjacent to my balcony. Just after testing my connection he said that he has to go for an urgent work and will do the setup later on, and left all the stuff like my wifi router, wires power extension etc there on the bed itself. He assured me that he will come back in the evening before 5:00 PM and do the setup, but he never came back. I called the person and asked about setup, so he said he will come tomorrow and do it, but he never came again. I called the customer care and raised a complaint, but they also gave me only assurances, which were never fulfilled. For many a days following up with them resulted in nothing and then I wrote an email on May 09, 2017. I mentioned that as the connection has not been set up, the meter of Tikona should not run as the service of relocation is their part of duty, but instead they had not only generated a new bill, they also added relocation charge in it. In response I received calls from Tikona again, asking 48 hours time to do the setup and removal of relocation charge. They failed to fulfill those promises too and ultimately I had to write another email on May 14, 2017. I mentioned in my email this time the details of payment and amount to be refunded.
I did not get any refund from them instead got calls from them regarding non-payment of dues (the dues for next billing cycles). They also sent one person for collection of their calculated dues. I mentioned him the details and explained everything happened so far. He said that he can not do anything for refund of advanced paid, but can settle the case in its current situation. Means, I will not get Rs. 327.00, and will also not get any calls/sms/email regarding any due and he will close the case from backend.
But as usual with Tikona, no change happened and again I got sms, emails, automated voice calls and calls from their representatives. I called Mr. Axxxxx Mxxxxxx again on his mobile number 8087765248 and asked him, why am I getting calls again even after his assurances. He again assured me that he will look at it and get this sorted soon.
But things never improved and Tikona kept on generating bills every month with adding late payment fine in their calculated dues. Now, yesterday on 07-Dec-2017, I received one email from Tikona with Subject “Demand Notice” Sub-subject: “Your Tikona Service ID No. 1115672584 & Billing Account Number 127370156”. In this system generated email they are asking me to pay their outstanding bill of Rs. 922 and in addition to that Rs. 1500 in case I fail to return them the modem along with all accessories to their authorized representative.

Please help me and suggest me the correct approach. Thanking you in advance.

Anand Mishra
Mira-Bhayander 401107, Maharashtra


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  1. Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request.

    Post devices recovered from your premises, Full & Final Settlement amount will be concluded.

    Tikona Care.

    • Anand Mishra on 19/12/2017 at 5:58 pm


    I am not happy/satisfied with your service and response to my grievances and would like to appeal against it to Appellate/Nodal officer. Please provide me the Docket Number for my complaint.


    • Anand Mishra on 05/01/2018 at 2:05 pm


    Instead of providing me the docket number, your representatives have started giving me threat calls. I got a call from one lawyer appointed from your side who was asking me to pay the due online within 30 minutes otherwise he will register non-bailable case against me under IPC 420 and one more. He mentioned on the call that I will be penalized 65000 INR if not paying in 30 minutes and additional 15000 INR for bail as the case will be registered as non-bailable. If Tikona feels they are not doing anything wrong, why don’t you come clean and provide me the Docket Number so that I can complain against the poor service to appellate/nodal officer.


  2. Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    With regards to your concern, we have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request.

    As Full & Final Settlement calculation has been concluded, there are no dues pending against your account.

    For any further issues/queries please contact customercare number 1860 3000 3434 or you can reach us at

    Tikona Care.

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