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Complaint regarding Moto Z service

I purchased MOTO Z mobile in one the retail shop in new tippasandra, after 2 days i have realized that mobile has some issues with battery and wifi connection. battery was drining and wifi was keep on disconnecting some time it dont connect. i observed for 2 days and i gave mobile in jaya nagar moto service center. They said they will call in 2 days and will give the information regarding problem and how much time they will take etc etc. I have waited for week but i did not get any call and the phone was not working the number which they have provide.

so i called to the cumstomer care and they have give some other numbers but no use so i raised the complaint in customer care. They said they will get back in 24 hrs time but no call from them. The whole 2nd week i was calling them day afret day and they are giving the same answer that they will take time to responce. What the heck ho many 24 hrs they will take to respond.

Fine at last the call got connected to the jaya nagar service center after 12 days, but they simply said they will take more 20 days time. after i have explained all my situations and fightings and requests they decided to give my mobile on 30th may because i had to go to home town for a 15 days. So finally i got the mobile into my hand after 25 dys. What do we expect but the problem has not resolved yet they just replace the battery and simply throwed on my face. Thae wifi problem was still there, its not connecting, if it connect by luck it wont stay stable its keep diconnecting. So finally they have decided there is a issue with mother board. i had a big fight with them and we called to customer care and i was asking for the replacement because if the mobile has issues in mother board it will belongs to dustbin. But they were simply saying that they cont replace after 7 days of pusrchase. but my argue was i have return my mobile with in two days after i spent 40,000 rs. Atleast they should give some information there and then what is the problem if they cont they should be provide atleast in 2 days , atleast they should be resposible that mobile has purchaed recently if they dont give information that i cont get replacement. but they simply just been quiet and returned the same default piece afte 25 dyas. And again they have created that was my problem that i didnt ask for the replacement with in 7 dyas.

I have called to the customer care more that 10 time and from the day one i was asking them see it might have a big issues with the problem and i have done some research on google so please replace with the new one, at that time they said its in service center so first we should know the condition of mobile after they were saying its already under replacement poliicy we cont replace with new. I dont understand what they did with my mobile. BUt finally i realized that they simply played the game to for not to replace the with new one.

So after big fight and auguements they said it will take more 20 to 30 days time to replace the mother board but i didnt agree with that then they have given option that i can take the mobile back and they will order the part, once they will get the part they will ccall and has to replace the part, for that again i havve to give mobile to them for 3 to 5 days. They said take the mobile and check onec at your home and let us know. if you have same problem will order mother board, once will get will replace. It happend on 30th may. I had the same problem with the mobile, but i was busy with my works and i took some time to think about this. Because i really not happy with the replacement of motherboard, After spending 40,000 rs they have given lots and lots of presure to me and they didnt even respond properly and they are very irresposible and finally i got back with the same defeacted piece, If i get replacement with mother board also i am not sure my problem will solved, and they is no guarenty that i do not get some other problem. I dont want to run behind the service centers. And from the morning i am trying to contact that service center to order mother board still that number was not working it keep on busy, i called customer care to get numbers, they gave 3 numbers, 2 was not working one number is busy from morning so what should i do i am fed up with thse irresponcible service. I have loosed my trust and i so disappoint with this mobile and their service. After spending my valueble money i am not at all happy even 10%. so i havve decided to raise the complaint.

vijaya Sowjanya
Bengaluru 560075, Karnataka
15/05/2017 / 5:17 pm


  1. Hi Vijaya,

    We would like to look into your issue,please send your details to we are glad to investigate and help if we can.


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