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Gas dealer not linking Aadhar card with bank details

I have a gas connection. My consumer ID is CXxxxxxxx5. My supplier is Indian Oil and the distributor is M/S Kitchen Best, code 140961.
Since the last one year i have submitted all documents related to linking aadhar with bank account multiple times. But my gas agency has always found an excuse to avoid linking the aadhar card with the bank account. I strongly believe the gas agency must be having some personal gains out of it and may be also involved in pilferage.
Both me and my husband are senior citizen and my son is working outside the state. After serving all my life for the Government of India i find it very disappointing and want to take an action against my dealer or whosoever is responsible for my mental harassment.
Even Indian oil receives my complain, gives me a complaint ID(which i didnt keep track of) and then resolves the problem without actually resolving it.
I desire solution to my problem and end this harassment once and for all.
Co-operation from you is highly solicited.

Sikha Paul
Dist Burdwan, Chittaranjan 713335, West Bengal
15/05/2017 / 1:07 pm

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