Complaint regarding poor servicing by GoMechanic MyShop Automobile
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Complaint regarding poor servicing by GoMechanic MyShop Automobile

I am highly highly dissatisfied with the work been done on my car , here’s the whole picture what has been done:

6th October :- I took my car to GoMechanic Select , gurgaon(I was in my office ) to get my car checked with the problem of Diesel smell and too much black smoke. They Checked the car and made the video and showed me the problem with the oil leakage as shown in the attached video .
Time Given to fix :- 2 days
Since I was in my office , I could not give my car .

7th October :- I made the appointment with GoMechanic when I was home(Faridabad) , MyShop Automobile (GoMechanic) picked my car and took it with them as per the process. They Repaired the car and delivered me on 8th October with the Bill of 8604 INR , attached to the bill.

I again gave my car in the warranty period with the same complaint , they acknowledged that issue still persist , Again they took my car on 27th October , 2022 and they asked that they will deliver me within 3 days . They took 11 days and delivered me on 7th November with the another Bill of 8235 INR and told me that they have changed HEAD and cylinder valves etc. Attached is the bill.

I again got the same problem and took my car to MyShop Automobile on 13th Nov , 2022 with the complaint of oil leaking from Injectors. They cleaned it and returned back still problem not solved .
Again they took my car on 21st nov , 2022 .
Just now I got my car back and it is still not working fine. Attached is the screenshot , it have the engine light with yellow mark.

Let me know what you can do now

Faridabad 121002, Haryana

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