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Complaint regarding Tata Docomo walky phone services

I would like to launch an official complaint against Tata Docomo company for their walky phone services. Recently we got a message from the company stating that they are going to shut down there services by the end of march and as a user we will not get their services any more.

We requested them to take their equipment back which they initially sold to us at 1800 per unit and also allow us to port our number so that we can use other carrier. They simply denied both. Then we requested the consumer support personnel to officially receive our complaint for the same then they said they have orders not take complaint of the same from any customer.

Sir without TATA docomo service these equipments are completely waste and will lie with us as a junk. We will not be able to use them nor we will be able to recycle them in any other product. Further we have printed these numbers with our mobile numbers on all our stationary. By closing their services and not allowing us to port the numbers we will loose material worth thousands of rupees.

As a customer they are not listening to us and neither they are taking our complaint. By believing the big name of TATA, we have been loosing a lot of money. We have now two units for which we paid 3600 INR which will be worthless without any of our actions. Further, we will bear the loss of loosing number, which will be invaluable along with the stationary value. We request you to please intervene in this and allow us to return our equipments for the money we paid and further allow us to port our numbers to other carriers.

Sumit Gupta
Preet Vihar, Delhi 110092

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