Data entry Job fraudsters asking money threatening by call
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Data entry Job fraudsters asking money threatening by call

Respected sir or madam  I am from Punjab city Samana. I want to tell that a company has called me on 9th March 2021 they offered me a data entry job where I have to fill 600 forms they will give Rs 34 per form. they asked me that there is no registration fee that is today’s offer only and you can earn 28k to 3ok by filling these forms. they asked me for my passport size photo and photo of my signature and photo of ID proof. I agreed to work with this fraud company. I have filled the forms in their portal. after some days I watched that they are showing the accuracy of only 72 percent something this is totally wrong and fraud by the company. after that, they called me and asking me to submit Rs 5500 as a security deposit which will be refundable after you submit it. If you do not submit this security fee your account will be terminated and legal action against you will be filed against you on the content of breach of contract. They mentally harassing me. Asking money. Sir, i am a jobless person at that time I got trapped by these fraudsters. They continuously calling demanding money from me. Sir at the time of proving job they do not asked about the agreement where I got trapped. please help me I am now mentally harassed by these fraudsters I don’t know where to go. please take action against these frauders early as early possible .They are continuously threatening me to legal action against. what will i do now .


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