Complaint regarding Dahiya Haryana Logistics services
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Complaint regarding Dahiya Haryana Logistics services

I had to move my bike from Gurgaon to Ajmer (Rajasthan). I started looking for car and bike movers online on 8th March 2021 and came across The executive there called me and sent me numbers of 3 packers and movers. I talked to all of them, got their Quotes (final price for the entire process).

One of the logistics services was DHL (not the original DHL) – Dahiya Haryana Logistics They quoted me a price of INR 2000 and promised that my bike will reach its destination safely within 2 days, and we will send you a picture of your bike after it gets packed and a tracking ID with which you can track your bike in some hours. With so many promises and an economical price, I handed over them my bike after checking their GSTIN number that whether they are genuine or not (and they are registered) and that’s when my sleepless nights began. I didn’t get any packing photos or a tracking number even on the 9th.

When I reached out to the DHL guy, he told me he is busy and will get me the details in some time. Nothing happened on that day. I called again on the 10th and he said that your bike has been uploaded on the 9th night and will reach you by the 11th evening. I asked for tracking details and packing photo, he again said that he is busy and get me the details soon.

On the 11th I was not getting any updates and then, came the hidden charges, they sent me a bill of INR 4543 in which they included an extra insurance charge of INR 1350, a service charge for the door to door service of INR 500 (which they didn’t tell me before and just told me that its a door to door service for the entire amount of INR 2000) and a GST of 18%. They told me until I pay them the remaining amount they will not release my bike and were not ready to listen to me and talked rudely. When my mother asked them to return my bike to the same place from where they picked it up and return our money, they asked me to pay for the return transportation as well as they told us that my bike has reached Ajmer (which was a lie as when I got the tracking details on 14th morning I came to know that they uploaded the bike on 12th night). Since they had my bike I had to pay them the remaining amount. I called on customer care and narrated to them the entire incident and they assured me that they will look into the issue and will get back to me in some time. Hours went by and they never called back and blocked my number. I tried calling the DHL owner but he never answered my calls. I called with my dad’s number the next morning i.e. 12th March and that’s when they picked up. I told them this is how you treat your customer, no updates, fraud logistics and they started arguing with me telling me that these things take up to 7 days. I told them that these hidden charges and extra time should be told to a customer in advance so that he/she can make an informed decision but they don’t care.

The next thing, I get a call from DHL guy, he starts abusing me, my dad and started giving me threats that “Ab kar le jo karna h, kisi ka baap mera kuch nahi ukhad sakta, jaa karde case, karde police me complaint, jab pahuchegi hi nahi na teri bike tab tujhe samajh me aayega”. I have recorded all the calls. On 13th March, I was being told the entire day that I will receive my bike today. When in the evening my father called the guy he told that it has left Jaipur for Ajmer and we will get it today. In the night at around 10 pm, he promised my father that it has reached Ajmer and will be delivered first thing in the morning between 9 to 10 am.

When on the 14th I got the tracking details on the tracking slip of another logistics service, I came to know that they uploaded my bike on the 12th night and all the while he was telling me lies. Also, he charged me for insurance of 45000 but while giving my bike to another logistics service he declared its value INR 10000 which is also there in the receipt and I was told by the logistics service’ guy that I can receive my bike not before Monday as they remain closed on Sundays.

On Monday, 15th March, I started calling the DHL guy from the morning. He kept telling me, my dad, and mom that he has done the payment and it will get updated in 1 hour and then he, his owner everyone started cutting our calls, never picked up again. I talked to the customer care of the other logistics service and they told me that they have charged only INR 1560 for my bike’s entire transportation and it took them only 2 days to transport my bike from Delhi to Ajmer. Now, they can’t release my bike because they have not been paid by the fraud DHL guy. On 16th March (8th day) the DHL guy came up with some other excuse. I didn’t get my bike on 17th March (9th day) as well. I kept calling the DHL fraud. Also, I asked to help me out but the fraud was not even picking up their calls. Today, finally that fraud paid the other logistics but I had to go to collect my bike myself. I was charged for Home Drop services but the fraud was lying from the beginning.

Coming to unfair charges:
1. I was told before and given a quotation of INR 2000, mentioned in Grand Total for the entire Home to Home service, and hence, I gave them my bike. Now, on 11th March they come up with a bill value of INR 4543 (Total Fraud of INR 2543).
2. My bike was picked from home but not delivered to the home, while they mentioned an extra 500 for these home-to-home services in the bill given to me on 11th March, and not when they were taking my bike. (Fraud of INR 300)
3. They mentioned my bike value as INR 45000 and took INR 1350 for its insurance, while giving my bike to the other logistics service, they mentioned my bike’s value as only INR 10000, according to which they must have charged only INR 300 from me. Also, these charges were also told to me on the 11th, and not when they were taking my bike. (Fraud of INR 1050)

Ajmer 305001, Rajasthan
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxxxin


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    • Arpit on 06/07/2021 at 1:25 pm

    Hi Apoorv,
    I am facing same exactly issue with them and my belongings have still not been delivered. Did you get redressal for your complaint from any forum? Is there something we can do together?

    • Anjali Tiwary on 10/09/2021 at 10:39 am

    Hi arpit ,

    I have been facing the same hassle and want to file the complain too. We can do together..please let me know. This amit dahiya need to be punished and close this fraud business.

    • Manish gupta on 15/08/2023 at 7:07 pm

    The same incident has happened with me , he is asking for all the money, he told me 2000 rupees and now asking for 6000 rupees, he has changed his name from DHL to smart gold packers and movers but his account details shows the same name

    • Badal Singh on 16/10/2023 at 8:13 pm

    Another victim here…Can we collectively lodge a complaint and track these bastards.

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