Defective phone from Flipkart

After filing complaint about a dead phone which I’ve received from Flipkart.
I complaint that, Flipkart have send me a defective/dead phone. I request for return as phone can’t switch on, nor charge. After calling the customer support, they asked me to charge the phonefor 15-20 minutes. But there is no sign of charging. And it didn’t switch on even after 20 minutes on charging.

But they reply
We are sorry for the trouble caused
We would like to inform you that kindly keep at least 15-20 min for charging so it will get charged. Hence we are closing this complaint from our end.”

It looks like they don’t care to read and ignore my problems. I feel like they are prolonging intentionally. Please help resolve my problems. I did what they told me to. But they keep giving me the same answer “to charge 15-20 min” and then closing the complaint as resolved.  The phone cannot charge. I want refund.

Neisa Belho
Kohima 797001, Nagaland

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