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Fraud in the name of Work from Home Jobs

I am from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I started Data Entry Work under “Work from Home” category for “Entry Work” Bangalore based company on 09-06-2017 after talking to Miss Nxxa, representative of “Entry Work” company. In this, I had to type 50 pages in MS Word within a week for 10,000 Rs payment. They charged me Rs 350 as registration fees on which I paid through paytm on 09-06-2017. Then they gave me an assignment on 09-06-2017 which I completed & submitted on 13-06-2017 and then I received a mail from Miss Bxxxxxxa Cxxxxxxy to submit Rs 3,000 as checking amount of my assignment. I refused to submit this amount as i was not told anything about this before joining this work. Even after long discussions with the company people over phone, they did not accept their mistake. Neither they are refunding my 350rs nor they are paying me for my assignment (i.e. Rs 10000). Kindly look into the matter and help.

Neelam Parihar
Jodhpur 342010, Rajasthan
14/06/2017 / 3:37 pm

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