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Incomplete work done by HK house interior work

I bought a 2bhk flat at Uber during the month of February 2017, which was a ready to move in flat. The loan process was going on post booking the flat and hence I was looking for the interior work. I came across HK Interio in facebook advertisement saying they do 2bhk interior in 2.5lakhs which includes modular kitcehn, wardrobes, crockery unit, tv unit etc in 25days and contacted Mr. Hxxxxxxh who owns HK interio. The reason I went ahead with HK interio is due to the pricing and fast completion of work. On March 2nd 2017, he gave me the quotation of my requirements in 4.07L, as I was not looking for anything more than 4L. He promised me he will fill all my requirements within that budget and the first 7-10days went in finalizing the design. Later he asked me to pay the advance so that he can purchase the plywood and start the factory cutting work. March 13th and 14th I paid 50k in total as advance and asked me to come to Shree Navadurga Plywood shop on March 17th to finalize the laminate and to make the payment for the same. As he buys the raw materials regularly in that shop, he asked to pay 1.60L to the shop which includes the other materials that he purchased for his clients. Since that will be considered in the total payment that I will be making to him, I agreed and paid. Post this incident he said he will come to the site on April 2nd and finish all the work before April 16th as the all the prior cutting work will be done in the factory. However, he did not turn up on April 2nd and dragged it until April 20th giving some personal reasons and he just needs 5days to complete his work.

During the period April 2nd to 20th, I had to follow up multiple times by updating that I need to shift to the new flat by May 1st and the builder needs few days for paint work. He promised that his work will not delay our shifting plan, as he just needs 5days. During this period(March 29, April 10-11, April 15 and 17th) a total of 2Lakhs was paid as he said I need to pay so that all the work can be completed. He came to the site only on April 20th and he could not finish the work in 5days and dragged it till May 7th. due to his delay, we ended up paying one month rent extra and underwent lot of mental trauma. By may 7th only the fixtures of the ply with the laminates were done and he said other work of fixing handles, cleaning laminate and electrical work would need only 2-3days. I got the builder paint work and other fittings done within a week and updated to mr. Hxxxxxxh on may 15th to come and finish the pending work. Even after multiple follow ups he did not come and gave various reasons that his workers are not available and did not consider my house assignment as a serious one, as he had got all the payment by then. He asked me to pay extra 40k for the other small works that were done and I still paid it as I wanted the flat on priority. He later came on May 25th and 26th and did only laminate clearing and the half of the electrical work. After this he never turned up and was never answering the calls. I had to call multiple times from various numbers. The house was left so shabby because of his work with no handles for the kitchen wardrobes, lot of gaps between the wardrobes and the wall, damaged laminates which he denied to change, used cheap handles and hardware accessories for the wardrobes. When I called him and questioned he told that he cannot come and asked me to buy the materials get the work done by some one else. Multiple requests and arguments were made, which did not help and he was only rude, unprofessional and wanted more money for no reason. Due to his half pending work there were lot of wood particles and mess at the house and we fell ill. When i tried to call from other number, he said he is not at bangalore and will not be here for 20days and I found it to be lie after cross checking through other mode. Lot of our time got wasted, as we had to take leave multiple days waiting for his presence to complete the work and I had to spend extra money in getting all the hardware parts and find the carpenter to get the important works done. Still lot of works are pending of changing the laminates, fixing mirrors, gaps and polishing the Kitchen channels etc.

Dhivya R
Doddakanelli, BANGALORE 560035, Karnataka
08/06/2017 / 6:33 pm


    • Sneha on 04/02/2022 at 1:45 pm

    He has done same thing with us. Company is fraud. He will tell all lies.. sone action really required then only he will stop making people fool.

    • Gary on 24/03/2022 at 9:55 am

    Do you have his office location?

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