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Pizza Hut not refunding the amount of Undelivered Order.

Placed an order with Pizza Hut India on their website with order # 8526317 on 22nd June 2017. Payment was made online through their website by Credit Card. The website even confirmed that the delivery address that we mentioned was within the delivery radius of the store and accepted our payment.

After 2 hours the delivery store (Pizza Hut, BKC, Mumbai Store) called my number and cancelled the order stating the delivery address was not in their delivery zone. They also promised me that within 15 days the payment amount will be credited back to my account.

It has been more than a month today and after several followups with their customer service center I have still not received my refund of money. Everytime we call their customer service we are given an assurance that by the end of the day the amount will be refunded in our account but until today no refund is obtained. We have called the customer service more than 5 times in the last one month now but to no avail.

H.D. Mustafa
Santacruz, Mumbai 400055, Maharashtra

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