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Poorly maintained flats provided by Nestaway

I with my roommate am staying in a Flat provided by Nestaway (nestaway.com) which gives such houses on rent. We currently study in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi. There are a total of seven rooms here. After choosing the room and making the payment(11,000 rent, 22,000 Security Deposit and 575 Police Verification Charges), I was supposed to move in here on the 1st of September. When I arrived in the evening, I was surprised to see the fall ceiling of the room collapsed(images attached). Fortunately my roommate was out for a couple of days or he might have been seriously injured. Even though such a situation arose, we cooperated with them and gave a chance to get the room repaired. We agreed to stay in a much smaller room and paid the same rent. It was only until 20 days that work started. Nestaway executives often tried to back off from their duties and made lame excuses. We somehow coped up. The room was repaired by the owner and we were assured of no problem in future. It was not even a month when seepage started showing up again and the ceiling and walls being affected. Nevertheless, we decided to stay upto 6 months(Nestaway has a 6 months lock in period and if we decide to leave early we wouldn’t get back 12,000 of our security). All of us staying here face a lot of problems and ignorance on top of that from Nestaway executives. The electricity connecting goes to some other room and we have to bear the cost on our own. There are no sub-meters for each room. Furthermore, this evening a huge block of the ceiling fell down again(images attached). This time also we were fortunate enough to not be present in the room. Again being polite to those executives, I put a complaint on the website and called Mxxxxxk in the evening. He asked me to send the photos and i was waiting for a reply. When it was too late I rang him 7-8 times. Finally he picked up and in a rude manner claimed that he had done his job. I asked for a refund and said that we want to move out. I added that we didn’t want to do it voluntarily but due to such problems. He didn’t say a word about the refund and instead rudely replied to do whatever we could and he’ll see. Such behavior and management on part of the Nestaway team forces us to leave this place. All of us staying here want to move out and just want the security to be refunded. Our problem is quite serious and our well being is put to question with such insecurity along with ignorance from the nestaway team.

Ishan Bhandari
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Email: ixxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com

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