Rex enterprise threatening for money

I applied for part time job at quicker and I got a call from rozy from rex enterprise regarding online from filling of 1200 from which i have to finish in 8 days and i have to achieve 90% correct filling in it and I will be paid 24000 for it. If failed I have to pay 4300 as registration fee. I started my work on 24 Oct But due to some my personal problem I didn’t complete my work later they called on 1st nov and told that I have to pay 9500 as extension fee which is refundable with salary if I need extra days to fill forms or I would get the legal notice I said ok and paid them 9500 and got 6 days extra later I finished the work and submitted them later they mailed my report saying that your qc is failed. And I reply them for my 9500 refund. They said they will check and call back after 2 days somebody called me claiming that he is from legal department and I have to pay 18950 as section charges for close the case and if I paid that amount I will be paid my salary for the corrected number of forms then I paid them 18950 in 2 intervals on 15th nov 1st with 5000 and 2nd with 13950 later he called me said again I have to pay 12250 for cancellation what should I do now please help me from out of this as I have already paid them of 28450 later I came to know that it’s a fraud company by internet pls refund my money.

Sharath Kumar
Ballari 583101, Karnataka

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    • Anoop Gowda on 21/11/2019 at 10:22 pm

    Sir, im also faced the same issue..but i didn’t paid..i asked them to bring proof of ur existing company along with website & certificate & why u Peoples didn’t told about rules & regulations before taking agreement i saw reviews in google about ur company later i came to know that it’s fraud & demanding money from all candidates different different amount but they are still Continuing. But u Peoples why u paid before asking questions..?? Those were son’s of bitches..i never care to ready to fight against frauds..i’ll ask them if i gt call or msg then i’ll ask if u want money come & i’ll bring not in bank direct cash & carry..if u have guts then come & talk face to face..soolemaklu guru avrella avr ammana keyya..

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