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Samsung TV features not working

I have purchased Samsung UA49K5570 TV on 13.08.17 from Unilet, Hanumanthnagar,Bangalore. At that time they said Wi-Fi enabled and other features like mobile data display in tv. But since purchase Wi-Fi is not connecting. Service Engineer says speed problem. But BSNL service provider says they have given high end plan which is having 10mbps speed. Again complaint lodged to Samsung with doc no. 4253050742 and Engineer now saying speed problem. He tested from his mobile WiFi which is 4G other then BSNL. Now other Engineer blaming BSNL. My submission is tv should not give msg ‘connection disconnected’. It should be very slow while connecting. Now the Engineer telling he will replace mother board and Wi-Fi adopter. If problem is with speed why he is talking about replacing. They will drag the issue like this and finally they may say warranty expired. Hence, I am complaining here.

Aravind Herle P
Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore 560019, Karnataka

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