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Shop charging more than MRP for dairy products

There is a general items shop near my home called ” MARUTI STORE”. The owners sell many items more than mrp, claiming this as a chilling price. I have been noticing this since many years but i did not know anything about this site or this is illegal etc. They take 2 to 5 rupee extra in many items.

For example, I just bought Amul malai paneer for 40 rupee which actually priced at 37.
Amul cheese for 15, actual price is 13
Any cold drink for 40, actual price is 35
More, there are products like buttermilk and milk , on which they take extra rupees. Here, point is not about 2-5 rupee, its all about their service and honesty.

I strongly request you to take some action against this.

Thank you.

Dhwanit Joshipura
MORBI 363642, Gujarat


    • Yogesh Parekh on 17/08/2017 at 12:54 pm

    You are absolutely right mr.Dhwanit joshipura. The same thing is also happening in mumbai and i course many more states. i am also local resident . since last three years here all dairy product distributors are looted people even if we buy milk on early morning ( in this there is no question about chiliing price). here the question again stands for corruption on basic needs. if we need dairy product then we have to pay more then MRP. it means there is no meaning MRP which is set by govt.

    Many people don’t care about money ,they doesn’t care of money and take lightly but i will not because i ‘ll pay from my hard earn money and i will not waste them. i advice to all indian please take seriously and fight against corruption by simply complaint to authority . if still complaint not solve to write to Shri.P.M.Modi

    Jago Grahak Jago ..

    • Yogesh Parekh on 17/08/2017 at 12:57 pm

    Write to PM on his official website and raise your complaints.

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