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Totally unacceptable service from Uber

It is very disheartening that after so long amicable association with Uber, I have to raise this issue with the consumer forum. I am left with no choice as the customer care is not taking any action.

I had booked Uber from Kolkata airport to Gabbar’s Kitchen, Middleton street on 30th July around 1:15am and fare reflected Rs. 380 in the app. However, the driver demanded Rs. 100 (which were charged to Paytm account) for the toll charges. I was not having change so I gave him Rs. 500 in cash (a big mistake).

Taking the money, first, he pretended that there was something wrong with the car and stopped just within 2kms after starting, where It took 20 minutes. It was late night and there was no other option left for me other than to wait for his drama to end. Further, he canceled the ride so that he can’t be tracked. At that time, Rs. 180 got debited from my Paytm account when he canceled ride.

At the time of canceling the ride, he told me to even give a 5 star rating. He was drunk and I didn’t want to enter into any argument with him and gave him 5 star rating. Somehow, after few near accident misses and reckless driving he managed to drop me at the location.

To sum up, I believe Uber has to be blamed for hiring such drivers which can be a threat to its customers. I want fund of the excess amount paid Rs. 300 (Rs 180 paytm + Rs 500 less Rs. 380 ) and a compensation of Rs. 10,000 for the discomfort caused by the erratic driver and hopeless dispute resolving service.

I hope prompt action will be taken on this matter and justice will be delivered.

Many Thanks,

Ravi Sharma
Bengaluru 560004, Karnataka

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