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Uber charges Rs.168 for 1.5 kms

I used Uber cab service to travel from a restaurant (Haldiram’s) to my office which are 1.5 km apart. I took the cab because it was very hot outside and we 4 colleagues were coming from restaurant to office. My office is in Gurgaon, Haryana on National highway 8.
When I booked the cab no fare(estimate) was shown. Once we reach the office they charged Rs. 118(Total bill 168 – promotion 50). I have the bill of my travel with me which clearly states distance of journey is 1.46 km and time taken is 5 mins. I wrote to Uber helpdesk but I am getting a standard reply from them – “When you request an uber, the price displayed in the app at the beginning of the trip is the fare you will be charged. These fares are calculated dynamically, based on your pickup and drop locations. This fare will also include elevated rates in case of high demand, if applicable. The calculation factors are time, distance, local conditions(traffic, road blocks) and historical data in there city. Please note that your upfront price includes any applicable dynamic pricing in effect when demand is high. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.”

As I already told no fare was shown to me at the time of booking. I am very disappointed with the resolution provided by Uber helpdesk

Sumit Dattan
Gurgaon 12203, Haryana
Email: dxxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com
19/05/2017 / 12:27 am

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