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Unfair price surge by Uber pool

At 08:56 , on 13 July 2017, i took a trip on Uber pool from Sector 72, Gurgaon to Huda Citycentre. While booking the cab, i was shown Rs49 as the amount like it always is, but today after i deboarded the cab, i was charged 144 for it. upon writing to the support, it is being attended by a different person every time and they are not able to fulfill the complaint and are giving some reason that doesnt even make sense. They say that they see that i was shown 49 before boarding the cab, and that upfront prices are shown inclusive of all the surge, but how does that even justify the extra charge?

i was charged 30 rs for the travel time, and 30 for the distance travelled, but i did not ask to be taken through the longer path with more traffic. Then why am i being charged for that? and why was i not informed of such charges before booking?

Zoheb Ahasan
gurgaon 122101, Haryana
Email: zxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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