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Warranty denied for Airpod purchased from Flipkart

Purchased Apple AirPod 2nd Gen from Flipkart. Order and Inv date is 25/6/2020.
The Airpod was purchased in New condition. Flipkart seller name is Sane Retails Private Limited.
The Airpod developed a problem in Feb, I took it to Apple authorized service center on 6/3/2021.
The Apple service center informed me that the product is out of warranty. They received the Airpod on condition that I have to resolve this warranty issue.
I have showed them the Flipkart invoice and also called Apple cust serv and sent then the invoice copy via a link. Apple cust serv advised me to call on Mon again as warranty team doesn’t work on Weekend. Case no for call made to apple
I Called on Mon at 10 am. I was told to call later as the Apple warranty team was still not available. Frustrated by this I din’t follow up with Apple anymore.
I sent a repair status query email to Apple service center. Response from Apple service center on 13/3/21 is quoted “Apple has canceled the Repair, the product has been registered to another customer before the purchase date on the sales document. Please contact Apple Support if you have any query and also the unit is no longer covered under warranty”.
Now I went to Flipkart for an explanation as there was serious concerns over whether (1) I was sold a refurbished product (2) The warranty period is 12 months, how can the product be out of warranty if purchased on 25/6/2020. I still had 3 months of warranty period.
Flipkart opened Incident and asked for screenshot from Apple email which states Product is out of warranty. I have sent the proof on 15/3/21 along with Apple repair and call ref no.
Flipkart asked me to wait until 19/2/21. Then sent a email to wait until 20/2/21.
On 20/2/21, I received a call from Flipkart who asked for details of the airpod issue so she can raise a return request with the seller. The caller asked me to bring the Airpod back from Apple service center so I can return it. During the same call I have also asked for a compensation for trip expenses to the service center and other hassles that I had to go through. Flipkart assured me to call back after 24 hrs with a resolution.
Next call from Flipkart was on 21/3/21. The caller started asking for info around Apple’s warranty, info that I have already provided the previous day over phone and also by email. It was a 7 mints call where I have told the representative that I have picked up the Airpod from service center and ready to return for credit. I was told that the issue is already escalated, concerned team is working on it, to wait for 24 hrs.
Next call was on 22/3/21. The called disconnected in 5 seconds, I could hear a lady introducing herself calling from Flipkart, then called dropped. No further calls were made. But then I got an SMS stating the complaint is resolved.
I have sent emails, Twitted to Flipkart that the issue has not been resolved but I have not seen any resolution.
I have received 2 automated emails stating Flipkart couldn’t reach me at my cell no. I dont see any missed call, network is fine, so i think Flipkart is just avoiding.

My conclusion is that Flipkart is not disclosing the reason why Apple denied warranty and how can any person register the product before it was sold to me. They are not forthcoming in taking the product back and issuing credit. I think the attitude changed after I asked for compensation.

This has been a trauma experience for me right from the time the product started having sound problem and then getting to know that product is out of warranty. Flipkart is disregarding its commitment to provide after sales service to its cust

BANGALORE 560076, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

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